You will be surprised, when learn how to get rid of unnecessary subway cars in New York.

Every day, people cause harm to the disparate nature. Awareness of what we are doing to our planet - is an important step towards the development and improvement as a human, and each separately.

Many people prefer not to think about what they are doing something wrong, and believe that he personally from them exactly nothing depends. This approach differs infantilism and sooner or later everyone will still have to face the truth. In addition, live, knowing their deeds and actions, much more pleasant than in constant denial.

Photographer Stephen Mallon made this photo galleries, to show in New York, getting rid of unnecessary subway cars. But do not jump to conclusions and see it to the end.

New York found a way to get rid of broken cars.

They are immersed in the barge transported away into the ocean and thrown into the water.

To reset the cars into the ocean, using a special technique.

The cars are gradually leaving the water.

This method of recovery may seem outrageous, if you do not know why they do that.

To each such wagon ocean ecosystems allocates a special place.

Over time, cars are covered by micro-organisms that create them coral reefs.

Each tube or projection will be included in the aquatic ecosystem.

After 5 years, it will look something like this.

And so - 10.

Hard to believe that the incredible beauty of coral reefs due to industrial waste there. Share this entertaining article with your friends!


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