Striking changes after a month of meditation! I can not believe that this is one and the same person ...

Do you think that meditation can dramatically change your life and appearance? However, a unique series of photographs by Peter Seidler made before and after a month of meditation practice will convince you in a completely different.

This series of pictures called "Before and After". It is part of a larger project "Contemplatives" - visual examination of physiological and psychological changes, which is the practice of meditation. Here's what he says Seidler about this work: «I developed this project to study the effect of which is observed in practicing intensive meditation for a long period of time. There is a question: what changes occur after an intense practice of meditation? » I>

«The first day of Datong - meditative retreat for a period of 1 month - I asked each participant to just sit down in front of the camera. In order not to distract the viewer's attention extraneous things, I photographed people on a white background. Before you take a picture, I was interested in what is in store for each of them from the upcoming experience. It was the first day. At the end of the program, after about 30 days of rehabilitation meditation, I asked everyone to sit the test on the same background as the first. This time I asked them what brought them a month of meditation practice. The result, as they say, is obvious. Looking at the pictures before and after the practice of meditation, you begin to realize that all these people have gone through the experience of transformation. Let the audience he looks at the pictures and make certain conclusions ». I>

Here's some pictures. What do you think about this?

I do not know whether you are interested in Eastern spiritual practice, but to the naked eye can be seen on the face of each participant reflection of inner peace and calm. The impression is that in the eyes of these people have an interest in life. We can assume that some of them even experienced enlightenment. Share this dramatic change after a month of meditation practice your friends.


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