If you notice such in the eyes of his children - urgently go with him to the doctor until it's too late!

Unfortunately, in our time, little is known about this disease, like cancer of the eye, which is very important to be able to detect in the early stages. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to make, using an ordinary camera, including the phone. Just take a photo of your child, turn the flash so that it is clearly visible to the eye, and compare what you get with the pictures in this article. If you have any suspicions, you should consult with your doctor after eye cancer - a very serious disease, which may end lethally if it is not diagnosed in time. But early diagnosis of chances to save vision. So be attentive to your kiddies!

When the aunt of the 3-year-old kid looked at his photos, she noticed something shocking.

Aunt immediately realized that her nephew's eye that something is wrong. His pupil was a strange reflection. B>

When she reported the boy's mother, who said it was just a highlight in the image. But my aunt insisted that young Taylor was taken to an optometrist. B>

After examination, the doctor put the baby shocking diagnosis - retinoblastoma with several malignant tumors in the retina of both eyes. After four months of chemotherapy was able to reduce the size of the tumor in the right eye and stop the growth of tumors three smaller left. Care aunt saved the lives of the little Taylor. However, the boy was blind in his left eye and in the future it will need to be checked repeatedly.

Take a photo with flash. If you see something like that, like in the pictures below, lead the child to the doctor:

If one pupil is white, and the other - the red.

If one pupil is red, and the other - black.

If your eyes suddenly mow.

When the eye is red and swollen, but there is no infection.

If the iris around the pupil of a different color.

All parents should know about the disease.

We each have a camera in a mobile phone. But it can be used to save the life of a child. Share this post with your friends so that they can check their children.



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