These 26 unique historical images reveal to you the mysteries of the past century. Simply amazing!

No one will argue that the twentieth century - a century of contrasts. Two world wars, revolutions, disasters, famine, the heyday of industrialization - this is just a small list of the events that took place in the turbulent hundred years. History often surprising and shocking. Today, thanks to this unique collection of rare historical images you can even slightly touch the past. Have you imagined the residents of New York, who in the mid-1900s, just washed clothes in the lake in the Central Park? Do you know how to meet Christmas in London in 1940? What do you think looked like Adolf Eichmann, when he read out the verdict? You should not bother long with the answers to these questions, in fact offers a tour of the absurd, a tough and unpredictable history of XX century now. Take a trip into the past. I'm sure some of these shots you plunged into shock.

1900 minutes. Indian student preparing for the exam. Hair, attachment to the wall - a precautionary measure, in order not to fall asleep. B>

1911 minutes. King George V hunting tigers in India. B>

1917 minutes. Jerusalem from the bird's-eye view. B>

1914 minutes. British soldiers asleep after landing in France. B>

1916 minutes. Russian submarines "Bars" and "Wolf». B>

1918 minutes. Concrete monument to Robespierre - one of the first monuments of the Soviet Republic. He was destined to stand for three days. B>

1921 minutes. Georgians opposed to the Red Army. B>

1922. Village Vasilevka Samara province. Women beat bows representatives of the American Relief Administration, which assisted in the eradication of hunger. B>

1922 minutes. Workers at one of the shops in the draw glowing dials numbers radioactive dyes. Soon, many of them will die from cancer. B>

1922 minutes. Albert Einstein with his wife in Japan. B>

1926 minutes. Berlin. The government introduced a tax on the maintenance of pets and people brought their dogs to the central square to protest. B>

1935 minutes. SS soldiers, together with violators of the law on racial purity. On the neck of the detained women poster with the words "I'm a big pig, and I give only to the Jews." The man - "I am a Jew, just invited a German girl to his room». B>

1936 minutes. France. Racing motokolesnitsah. B>

1938 minutes. Los Angeles. Kindergarten teacher, was summoned to court as a witness came to testify in his trousers. For such contempt, she received 5 days of imprisonment.

1940 minutes. Lesson of racial purity in Germany during World War II. B>

1940 minutes. Londoners celebrate Christmas on the subway. B>

1943rd. German rider learned that a road in the Soviet Union. B>

1943rd. The soldiers of the 13th Mountain Division SS "Khanjar", most of whom are Muslims, namaz. B>

1945 minutes. Germany. A small businessman trying to sell the iron cross of his father. B>

1945 minutes. Vienna. In the city there was a wave of mass suicide before the arrival of the Red Army. B>

1945 minutes. Berliners in search of food in the ruins. B>

1949 minutes. New York. Women wash clothes in the lake of Central Park during water shortages.

1961 minutes. Adolf Eichmann smiling while how he read out the verdict. He was accused of mass murder of Jews. B>

1968 minutes. Meeting Nikita Khrushchev and Fidel Castro. B>

1992 minutes. Residents of Sarajevo harvest firewood for the winter. B>

1995 minutes. Denomination in Poland. Living in the country to change currency: a new one instead of PLN 10 000 old. B>

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