19 cats, which broke the record bad luck. And as soon as they are in this heap ...

When you think about cats, especially imagine very graceful, proud and independent animals. It seems that every movement of these animals is verified to the last detail, and that they do not happen punctures. But these photos - a direct confirmation that there are still as!

Even if the cats and then somewhere vlyapyvayutsya, what to speak of others! Imperfections - not a vice. Especially when on this can be a good laugh. Let's mentally thank the people who joined their cameras these funny moments, and lift your mood for the whole day ahead!

1. This cat was very interesting that they had bought. B>


Photo: Reddit

2. And this just wanted to look out the window. B>


Photo: Imgur

3. He probably wishes he can not read. The inscription on the box: "Only stupid assholes sitting in the box┬╗. B>


Photo: Reddit

4. Someone was too curious nose. B>


Photo: Imgur

5. For him there is no impossible task. B>


Photo: Imgur

6. And this pussy climbed into glass vase and now can not get out. B>


Photo: Imgur

7. It turns out the claws can not cling to everything. B>


Photo: Imgur

8. This cat just put himself into a corner. B>


Photo: Reddit

9. This poor man dived into the box, without thinking about the consequences. B>


Photo: Imgur

10. He just wanted to lie on the couch ...


Photo: Imgur

11. He decided that he does not hurt to cool down on a hot summer day. B>


Photo: Imgur

12. The thief was caught red-handed. B>


Photo: Imgur

13. This cat wanted to play with the rainbow spiral. B>


Photo: Imgur

14. Here, it turns out, even a mosquito net! B>


Photo: Imgur

15. Well, as we now get out of here? B>


Photo: Reddit

16. This cat does not know what it looks like the window. B>


Photo: Reddit

17. This thing proved trickier than he thought. B>


Photo: Reddit

18. To do this, the cat there is no word "impossible┬╗. B>


Photo: Reddit

19. Robust design so Murzik eaten! B>


Photo: Imgur

Sometimes, even the cats still out of control. Share these "Coto lyapami" with his friends. They are exactly like those incredibly funny photos!

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