This saved from death fox sure that he ... dog. The incredible story of friendship!

Let many assert that man - the worst enemy of nature, there is still plenty of cases to the contrary. Remember though, the baby otter, which is able to save California zoologists, or see how grateful the lion, which once gave shelter to one guy. All these people with a huge heart - the real heroes of our time. And animals do not knowingly give all my affection, warmth and tenderness to those who saved them from a cruel death.

Today we will speak about another such a unique event. This fox was only 4 months old when the American Emma D`Silva found crumbs in the forest and sheltered him for her own. Since then, grateful and animal rescuer with a huge heart - do not pour water. You will be amazed, but Todd (so called fluffy lucky ones who terribly lucky) thinks he's a dog: just funny cringes when waiting for food, sticks out his tongue when running, and even goes for a walk on a leash! Read this touching story of friendship of man and fox. It is rather like a cartoon story than the truth!

Emma found this wonderful fox in the woods when the animal was only 4 months old. Beast in mortal danger, and the woman had no choice as to take him to his home. B>


Who is Todd for 11 months, and it behaves a hair's breadth as a dog. Many people do not realize that Emma was out for a walk is not the dog - so believable acting wild animal. B>


«It is quite tame. So nice to see how Todd wags his tail when I bring him food. And foxes overjoyed when he rolls over on his back, and I tickle his belly ». I>


«I understand that he wants to frolic, jump and run like a real puppy. But I can not pull the leash Todd - he was deaf and did not hear when I call him back ». I>


Emma has two most that neither is a real dog. Todd gets along very well with them and constantly wants to play with the four-legged friends. B>


When a woman picked up a foundling, he was a little mad, bad was going to connect with people. But Emma did not give up and eventually tamed the wild beast. B>


Although Todd even looks like a dog, the owner said that he was much more active in normal dogs. Energy in the fox - more than enough, so at first it was very hard to deal with this zinger. Genes do their thing ...


When people learn that Todd - not a dog, as it might seem at first glance, they are imbued with even greater interest in small animal and pet him dream. Emma lets others do so only when the fox is in her arms. Security does not hurt! B>


In my opinion, it is better to look once than read a hundred times. See just how this manual foxes - it looks like he loves his mistress more than life! B>

Once again, convinced that the friendship between human and animal - is the strongest in the world. Well, when in the full of lies, violence and cruelty of the world there is good and touching stories that should tell others. And this story of a good woman and manual fox - one of them.


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