The secret of studying anything from the genius of Einstein ... As I had not thought of this before ?!

Admit it, you have a school, and possibly into adulthood, often have difficulty learning anything. In such cases, we usually shrug, humble with his limited intellectual capacity and blurts out something like: "What's wrong with me to take. The memory is not what it used to ... "And you believe that? Science says that we use only 10% of their brain capacity. But what about the world geniuses managed to not only keep all right in the head, but also to the greatest discoveries? "Geniuses are born ..." - you will say. But what if you know the secret of studying anything from the Albert Einstein?

In 1915, 36-year-old Albert Einstein lived in a ruined Berlin, while his wife Mileva and his two sons - Hans and Eduard Einstein - was living in a relatively safe environment in Vienna. November 4 of that year, Albert Einstein completed his greatest scientific masterpiece that fits onto two sheets. It was this work soon brought the scholar worldwide recognition and forever secured his place in world history - it was the general theory of relativity. Inspired by the success, he decided to write his 11-year-old son, Hans Albert Einstein, the following words to help his son, and many future generations to go through life:

«My dear Albert, i>

I just yesterday received a welcome letter from you, and we have to admit, I'm really glad it was. I already thought you were not going to write to me. When I came to you in Zurich, you said that you are my hasty comings cause you a lot of inconvenience. So I thought it would be great to meet in a more suitable place where no one and nothing could stop us with you. I insist that at least once in a month, we were together. I want you to know that you have a father who loves you very much and admires you. I would have told you a lot of new cognitive and amazing things, which, it should be noted, does not learn at every corner. Soon, I will share with you all the knowledge that I was able to purchase, do not hide the cost of a grueling and hard work. A few days ago I finished most excellent scientific work of my life. When you grow up, I'll tell you more about her. I>

I was very glad to hear that you're plunged into play the piano. I would say more, making music and joinery - for your age is much more useful than, for example, going to school. Pay more attention to play the piano, even if the teacher does not encourage your passion, it's the occupation, from which you get a real pleasure. Believe me, the best way to learn anything - it do what grabs you fully so that you do not even notice how time passes. I admit that sometimes I'm so passionate about his work that he forgets even the dinner ... i>

Kiss me Edward. i>

Your dad. i>

Say hi to Mom » i>

Learn wisdom from the wise men. Find your favorite thing about which you could safely say that it takes not just a job, and love. And, believe me, then the work will bring you pleasure. Share this eloquent letter to the genius of Albert Einstein with your friends.


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