Meeting with genius: Einstein's brain sees the world

Part of the brain of Albert Einstein, the intellect which is considered one of the most prominent in the world, represented by the masses in the UK.
After his death at age 76 in 1955, his brain was divided into many parts, two of which are presented in a London gallery Welcome Collection. The exhibition "The brain as a matter of" will also be presented to the brain suffragette Helen Gardner, who bequeathed it to research for the refutation of gender theory.

Two pieces of Einstein's brain were taken from the Philadelphia Museum, where he was put on display for the first time. Outstanding scientist was cremated, and his ashes were scattered to the winds.

But the pathologist Thomas Harvey, who performed the autopsy genius, said that Einstein's son gave him permission to save Einstein's brain for research, although this fact has remained controversial. He kept the brain, which to the surprise of many was not too large, and divided it into 240 sections, which are now kept in a solution of formaldehyde in his house.

He gave 46 parts of the brain of Einstein to his colleague, the pathologist William Erich, who eventually handed the samples to the museum of Philadelphia.


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