10 foods that do not need to open the way you used to. That's the twist!

There are things that we do a hundred times a day and do not even think about them. Nobody teaches us, for example, how to use public transport, how to make sense of new applications in the favorite social network or to include household appliances - it just happens, something akin to the unconditioned reflexes with which we were born. Same story with the daily opening foods. However, you will be shocked to learn that many of them do you whole life revealed wrong! It turns out that all of the inventors conceived quite differently.

Today will show you dozens of products that do not need to open the way you did it all my life. Oh, it turns out, you can live for decades and did not know basic things. For example, how to open a bag of sugar or a bottle of champagne.

The bag of sugar
Most people incorrectly open sugar packets, taking them to area. But it meant everything Benjamin Eisenstadt quite different - you just need to break a stick in half. Thus the contents of the sachet in the cup would, not crumble on the table. Rumor has it that the inventor of this miracle, seeing how people continue to continue to ruthlessly tear corner bags of sugar, could not make such a mockery of the idea and was so upset that went mad and committed suicide.


Chips Pringles
Simply insert into the bank folded paper. Admit it, so have these chips is much more convenient!


Conventional chips
To open them, it will be enough to pierce the package with scissors or another thorny subject.


Drops Tic Tac
Could you think that you just need to flip the jar of jelly beans and vysypetsya itself in the hole. Called, You live - and learn.


Batch cream
Pull the "tongue" (pictured right at the bottom of the container it) and take it across the jars. Thus the cream without problems translate into a cup and mix with fresh coffee.


Coffee McDonald's
Originally it meant this: people do not need to suffer, and completely open the lid. Take a closer look at it there is a special plug that covers the hole for drinking. It is enough to bend it all the way - and it will remain fixed in the recess. Voila!


juice in the package
With juice story is: you must have seen that the neck of each packet is usually located closer to one end. When people poured juice so that it is at the bottom, air is not supplied in the package, and the bubbling liquid itself and sprayed. If you try to turn the package with the juice of the other way around, you will see that he poured a drink into a glass without spilling a single drop.


Carefully inspect the coconut and find on it three black dots, located nearby. Then thrust it through one of them with a screwdriver or a thin sharp knife, insert the tube, and ... drink! To open the coconut, you need to mentally draw a circle, which is usually located a little closer to the very black eyes from the middle. Tap the fruit along the imaginary line - and it will break.


This life hacking is useful to everyone. Just lead the opener toward you while turning the jar. The result is a clear ideal cut without any distortion.


The eternal problem, especially during the holidays: how to open a bottle of champagne so as not to splash all around, but did not plug the hole in the new stretch ceiling. Take a mental note!


I can not get over some of the discoveries. This is turn, who would have thought ... No wonder they say that learning is never too late. Be sure to share with all your friends this post - they will be surprised as much as you!

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