The evolution of stellar smile: 30 shocking photos of celebrities before and after going to the dentist.

Most of us have become accustomed to the fact that many Hollywood stars often turn to plastic surgeons. With a light hand of the doctor show business stars are sometimes changed beyond recognition. Celebrities, like anyone else, knows that beauty requires sacrifice and a very large investment.

Today, the team site will show you the evolution of the stellar smile and amuse you a little shocking photos of famous people before and after a visit to the dentist. Now each of them can boast of brilliant American smile. 30 This striking examples of how teeth can dramatically change a person's appearance. Tom Cruise, Madonna and Cristiano Ronaldo was killed on the spot ... Perhaps you - not the owner of the Hollywood smile. Do not worry, do not worry - the health smile with us!

Miley Cyrus

Cristiano Ronaldo

Celine Dion

Gwen Stefani

Katie Price

George Clooney

Keith Urban

Hilary Duff



Matthew Lewis

Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman

Michael Douglas

Morgan Freeman

Zac Efron

Ronan Keating

Louis Walsh

David Beckham


Melanie C

Victoria Beckham

Nicolas Cage

Demi Moore

Noel Gallagher

LeAnn Rimes

Lindsay Lohan

Cher Lloyd

David Bowie

50 Cent

These stars have unraveled the secret of popularity and charm ... Beautiful and healthy teeth are complete with a happy smile is an invincible weapon! However, many of the above celebrities were not limited to only trip to the dentist. Share this essential difference between the before and after pictures miraculous transformation your friends.

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