Children's costumes 15 countries for which the children will long to avenge his parents.

Kids always look forward to any holiday, it's a great excuse to have fun, get gifts and eat something tasty. On the other hand, parents are also not averse to create a feast for your favorite crumbs along them in hilarious costume. It used to matinees in kindergarten we were all snowflakes-bunnies. Now the modern moms and dads trying to do everything possible so that their child is different from all the others. Some buy suits, others charge for rent, while others are trying to make something original with their own hands. What comes out of it - see further in this hilarious collection. Honestly, the impression that some parents have decided to simply make fun of the kids.

King Kong is not the same ...

Hitler, then you're there? It seems a small about anything not guess ...

The victims of modern technology.

This musical instrument makes a wide range of sounds!

do not want to taste the Lobster?

The girl wanted to be on the matinee dressed canaries. Her dad, seems hardly imagine what it looks like this bird. At least to some satanic canary pull. B>

Holy smoke, so that's how the world looks like a bird!

Do not worry, it's just Nutcracker ...

Scooby-Doo bit stout ... and it looked like a hippopotamus. B>

On matinee dressed hot dog - a stylish, trendy, youth.

Want centaur costume? Tights - the best way out! B>

What are the parents so my daughter something?

It is a pink elephant, but not what you're thinking!

This realistic doll I have ever seen!

Princess Robot: about such "Disney" have not heard ...

Oh, some of the suits I just did the tears welling in his eyes from laughing! I was particularly impressed suits canaries and a centaur. I am sure that these kids have appeared in a dress on morning they made a splash! Think twice before you dress the baby in an unusual costume: it can look extremely ridiculous!

You surprised the strange costumes for children? It's time to share a selection of friends and acquaintances.

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