28 things from childhood, from which the soul becomes light. It only understands our generation!

90 years - a difficult period in the history of the countries that were once part of the USSR. Nevertheless, all of us, thank God, we survived the rebellious period and now we can look back with a smile. Many of us at that time were small, so we were a little worried about money, political and other problems. Although our parents often had to save money and indulge in something, it is our childhood, and, no matter how difficult it may be, we remember him with a light melancholy and warmth of the soul.

I, like you, I do not want to go back, but why not just remember the past? After all, there remains a piece of us, which had a huge impact on who we are now. Team weblog prepared for you from 28 veshchichek rapid 90 from which the soul becomes light. If you lived in the 90s, you're bound to remember it!

How we nadurachilis calling strangers! ..

You too and no one to not get through?

A paradise for music lovers.

None of the New Year could not do without such lights!

Do what you like with the chocolate "Visp».

In Ukraine, could be 1 hryvnia to buy these three ...

On Wednesdays, every girl was looking forward to the opening of the local newsstand.

What color skipjack was you?

And Sergei, too ...

And no enemy on the horizon ...

If you glades this complex associative link, you passed the test!

the past, people came out of the hospital with souvenirs.

And then my mind began to play the melody!

No, well, honestly it was terrible ...

That's the motivation!

How can wear it at all ?! And once such a dream of every fashionista. B>

Do you also remember this ad?

White Cap - milk, green - yogurt, pink - ryazhenka ... Oops, I do not remember ...

Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip and Dale to you in a hurry. Chip, Chip, Chip, Chip and Dale best! B>

Small shops of our past.

Do you also had this?

The most powerful weapon of childhood ... All enemies asked for mercy!

Oh, and where my childhood?!

Relax that way for an hour or two.

«Cave of the Golden Rose" - a fairy tale of all time!

«The Adventures of Rex" - drawn by the Poles Charlie Chaplin.

And a few hours of you not heard ...

You've always worried if its not, then someone's amorous affairs?

Oh, it was wonderful time ... We were happy little things of life and feel truly happy. Remember, we all come from childhood. Do not you lose the baby the ability to take each day as a gift. Do not be greedy, beef - certainly share these fond memories with your friends.

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