10 commandments of learning foreign languages ​​from Kato Lomb. Practical advice that have helped millions!

If you often psihuesh about the fact that you can not remember a couple of words in a foreign language, do not rush to give up and put on a cross to the eternal excuses "it is not for me." Perhaps the thing that you're just the wrong approach to the study of language unfamiliar to you. Kato Lomb, known Hungarian polyglot woman, one of the first simultaneous interpreters in the world was 100% sure: There is no "I can not", there is only the concept of "I am a lazy bastard».

She knew the 16 (!) Languages, despite the fact that she studied at the physicist and chemist. And by the way, at that time there was no ekpress courses, lessons on Skype, newfangled language schools authentic audionositeley ... Maybe you're sitting with eyes for 5 kopecks, and asked: "How did she do it?" In his best-selling "How I learn languages» Kato Lomb shared his commandments about how seamlessly each one can become a polyglot. Without exaggeration!

carefully read these tips and if they come to you like, print out and hang them in a prominent place. Motel on a mustache:

1. Be firmly convinced that you will reach the goal, come what may. Convince yourself that you have a tendency to languages ​​and unwavering willpower.

2. Do not be afraid to say, knowing that you will make mistakes. Requests that you corrected - is the path to perfection. Those sounds that you published, for the first time playing the guitar, and terrible. But without this you will not become a professional.

3. Foreign Language - a fortress, which is necessary to attack from all sides simultaneously. Read the newspaper, watch dubbed movies, listen to the radio, go to lectures, meet with native speakers. By the way, she Kato Lomb start learning Russian with "Dead Souls" by Gogol and impressive vocabulary!

4. Ready-made phrases to memorize and write down always in the first person singular. For example: I am only pulling your leg (I'll just tease).

5. A very useful thing - memorizing! But there be very careful: you can only memorize what is checked and correctly (as practice shows, mistakes, unfortunately, is also very good memorized).

6. Mentally try to translate everything that catches your eye: advertising signs, leaflets, which gave you on the subway, all kinds of labels, foreign names, snatches of overheard conversation, songs ...

7. Write out the queue and memorize all the "ready-made phrases" that can be used to the maximum possible number of dialogues.

8. The context of the whole head! Never memorize, not to memorize the words taken separately, only in the context.

9. If you are a fruit that quickly tired of monotonous work, try to come up with a proprietary algorithm classes that will not be a burden. For example, you can learn a little bit, then distracted by sports exercises, listening to your favorite music, just rest, and only then proceed to the occupation.

10. study the language on a daily basis. He is fastidious as any woman requiring affection, warmth and care. If we are really pressed for time, try to highlight on this matter at least 10 minutes a day. Everything here is like in sports: systematic gives very good results!

Kato Lomb offered a simple but highly effective formula of learning any foreign language: elapsed time = + interest result. The team wants to complicate it a bit by adding one important element: (elapsed time + interest) / tightness (fear of making a mistake) = result. And a good story for a snack when 86-year-old Kato Lomb met her 54-year-old friend, she said, a brilliant phrase: «Steve, you're so young! So many years to come, even as many languages ​​can be learned! » I>

Hopefully these tips will help you and your friends without too much difficulty to learn more than one foreign language. Polyglots because they know their job!

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