She saved the lives of 2,500 children, taking them out of the ghetto. Irena Sendler poignant story ...

Unfortunately, it often happens that we remember the names of politicians or actors from favorite series (even those who played a cameo role!) And did not know of anyone who has the right to wear the title of a hero of our time. It happened with the angel in the flesh of an old, good-natured granny Irena Sendler. By the end of the twentieth century, one could not imagine what this woman has made a feat in the name of humanity.

In 1999, several schoolgirls preparing a progress report on the Victory Day, found a site where in a nutshell was mentioned Irena. What a surprise it was students when looking for at least some information about a woman hero, they learned that she was alive. Kids even able to visit the old woman four times before she went to heaven.

2007. Irena Sendler's candidacy was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. But then she did not get it, because the award was handed lost the presidential election to US Vice President Al Gore for slides on global warming ...

Who is this woman about whom the world learned after many decades after her feat? At the beginning of World War II, Irena worked in the municipality of Warsaw. Taking advantage of the situation, it is two years secretly wore all the inhabitants of the Warsaw Ghetto food, money, medicine. When in 1941 the German authorities tightened the rules forbidding non-Jews to appear in the ghetto, the woman managed to get pass the local health department. On this occasion, Irene managed to get out of the ghetto of more than 2 500 children and save their lives.

Irene was a member of an underground organization assistance to Jews Zegota, which was engaged in the salvation of the inhabitants of the ghetto. Can you imagine how this frail little woman risked her life to help children break free from the chains of death. The methods of escape were diverse: some children were taken out through the sewers and cellars, others were taken in trucks to garbage bags, very tiny guys even managed to smuggle in a tool bag. As later admitted Irena, a truck driver always had a dog as soon as the baby started to cry, or scream, the animal began to bark, to divert the attention of the Nazis.

Sometimes Irene managed to bribe a German officer to bring the child out. Each of these operations was calculated to the second - every moment was worth its weight in gold. The most difficult test, according to Irene, was not the fear of getting caught on the hot front of the German occupiers. The most difficult task was to persuade the savior for parents entrust her life of his child. It seems that the heavens themselves were sent this angel to all the Jews of Warsaw: often happened that the parents of children rescued the next day sent to the gas chambers or shot ...

The name of each child, saved from the clutches of the Nazis, and the place where he was sent, Irena recorded on pieces of paper that are placed in jars and buried in the garden. Sometimes it was the only thread that in the future, helping to find rescued rebyatnyu. Because of the feat Irene was written the play "Life in the bank", which has repeatedly put the world famous theaters.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world are righteous as this fearless woman: someone reported the heroine. The Germans beat the culprit to death, broke both his legs and arms. But even that did not break courageous Irene: the Nazis did not hear from her a single word about the seat of the rescued children. «I was silent. I'd rather die than give our activities » i>, - she recalls. Irene was prepared for death, but it is no wonder they say that there is a God in the world. Organization of Zegota (which working women) bribed one of the guards, after which he made a name in the list of Sendler had killed. Since then, the savior lived all his life under an assumed name.

In 2008, a 98-year life, the heart of the light Grandma stopped beating. Yes, she never received the Nobel Peace Prize. On the other hand, she won something far more valuable than the award. It was she, Irena Sendler, was able to defeat the universal evil and death. On the amazing feat polka was filmed feature film "Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler." Do you think that this story is worthy of profound respect? Become a link in the memorial chain and share the post with friends.

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