Scientists have finally discovered the secret of a chameleon! You'll be amazed to learn exactly how it changes color.

More recently, science has discovered the secret of one of the most obscure and at the same time the most colorful animals on the planet. Chameleons usually do everything in order to blend in with the surrounding landscape. But adult males of this species, met opponent quickly begin to change color, becoming green, for example, bright yellow. Previously, scientists believed that these lizards achieve this effect using pigments manipulate the skin cells. The reality was more complex. Just recently, researchers reported that the secret of a chameleon is a tunable grating nanocrystals, which is one of the top layers of skin cells it!

The cells in question are called iridophores. They contain tiny crystals of guanine, nucleic acid and one of the "building blocks" of DNA. The strict order in which they are arranged nanocrystals, allowing them to reflect a certain amount of light waves, giving the skin a chameleon right shade of green. However, as you can see in the attached video, at a meeting with another male lizard starts like stretch. Thus, the crystal lattice is stretched chameleon skin cells and begins to reflect the greater amount of light waves, so its color changes. In addition, the research team found that chameleons have iridophores another layer in the skin, which lies deeper than the first. He gives a lizard able to reflect infrared radiation, which generates his body. With this second layer chameleons can regulate their body temperature without overheating.

The similar finding may mean for humanity? Of course, another innovation in the field of fashion, what else! Chameleon will tell us how to make fabric, capable, stretching and cutting, change colors. Clothing-shifter is not far off! Share this information with friends, encouraged them - soon women will have much less to think about the color compatibility of skirts, blouses and shoes!


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