11 hilarious postcards that will help you not to bathe for nothing. Treat your life easier!

Our life - is a series of multi-colored lines that, in general, it helps to keep in good shape, and not to relax. Sometimes there are even gray-brown-crimson. What to do in such moments: sit back, cry and complain about the fate or to laugh at life's problems? Personally, I choose the latter option. If you have already lost the battle with life, and you have nothing to lose, why not make a knight's move and try to defuse the problem of their joyful laughter? They will be overwhelmed by this unexpected reaction and flee far away.

This is an incredibly positive 11 postcards with the right attitude towards life. Wonderful illustrations Irina Zenyukov give them more positive. Treat life easier - and happiness for you pulled itself!

Not everything in life develops as we would like, but I do know that everything always happens for the best. Your friends have not learned this simple truth? Then we go to them! To share with them these funny pictures.

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