4-year-old little girl at the wedding photos eclipsed his own mother, and immediately all the guests on the spot ...

More recently, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Michelle Hall and her lover played by gorgeous wedding. It seemed as if it was their day, their feast ... But the highlight of the event was the 4-year-old Anderson - daughter Michelle. Scarce reprized the role of mother's wedding flower. What vytvorit baby in the midst of the feast, the guests will remember for a long time!

During a traditional wedding photo with bride and groom Anderson kept his head and decided to take the example of the mother. Girl generously rewarded with a kiss keeper wedding rings right in front of the camera lens. Baby eclipsed his own mother, and just immediately surrounding the spot!

direct witness to this curiosity was a wedding photographer Leigh Bullard. The girl was still overwhelmed with emotion: «I gathered guests for the official wedding photos and, as usual, asked the bride and groom to kiss. As Anderson all day called the bride herself, I thought that I was referring to her and sang what I asked for. This moment will be remembered for everyone - everyone was laughing to tears! » I> Anderson certainly make this day ...

«That's why I love my job - I fix things that these people will suffer again and again for many years of life», i> - says Leah. Oh, I have to blush for Anderson girlish frivolity to her future husband. Although, who knows, maybe it will become betrothed-maskers is this comely keeper wedding rings. Tell us about this story amusing companions.

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