22 damn funny animals who are jealous of even the shadow. Pohlesche Santa Barbara!

Many assume that the animals - the saints. However, apart from a whole string of virtues inherent in this mischievous and not so positive qualities, such as jealousy. Our four-legged friends - are still the owners. If someone has taken their place - albeit only himself to blame! They do not remain in debt. As far as our brethren less faithful and devoted to love, they are so afraid of angry jealousy.

Look and see for yourself in this. It's damn funny hvostatika 22 who are jealous of even the shadow. Solid Santa Barbara!

All his love, all cherish ... already disgusted!

This is what it means - to be a winner in life ...

What do you think he is? You think everything is permitted only to you? B>

And once it was my favorite place ...

Look what! If only offered a small piece of antiquity Rex! B>

I fluffy and beautiful - like me!

Of course, the sly ... had already prepared myself some yummy and you Matroskin, eat a dry food.

And you traded me for this plastic thing?!

The owner of something your health disappoint ... Maybe you should become a vegetarian?!

And he sat there for an hour ...

And wherever they found it striped misfortune?!

I have the same sweet tum, but I'm not an upstart!

Hey, why is he dines my dinner?!

And the more these cute and fluffy fur seals and dogs from the Internet better than me?

And where is our Latte?

Are you possess super powers ?! How did you do it? B>

I think you are very interesting?

And why is he so smart, and I - no?!

It's my turn!

I thought I would not notice how cute he is basking in your lap?

I thought I was your favorite baby ...

Get out of here! Immediately! For I will not see more here! B>

Calmness, only calmness! Can sleep: Your hosts have not fallen out of love, they remember one simple truth: "We are responsible for those who have tamed." Share these amusing pictures with your friends.

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