Facts about the show "Santa Barbara"

With the advent of home screens of the famous American TV series 90 "Santa Barbara" citizens of the former USSR, exhausted inflation and lack of money, have experienced a real culture shock.

Beautiful woman in chic dresses, imposing man, littering money right and left, expensive cars, multi-storey mansions with swimming pool, stunning scenery - all this made millions of our fellow citizens forget about the pressing problems and plunge into a fictional, but unearthly beautiful world of wealth and luxury. True, no one then and had no idea that madness called "Santa Barbara" will last almost ten years.

It all started with the fact that the company NBC ordered Bridget Dobson script for the new series about the life of millionaires. Bridget, writing for soap operas, is connected to the work of her husband - and it went. The couple worked at a furious pace and gave out 100 typewritten pages daily. In total, Dobson received for the work of 30 million. Dollars.

Each series "Santa Barbara" managed in 400 thousand. Dollars. On the day of filming 43 minutes of screen time. The project involved five screenwriters, and 5 directors, staff and the general make-up and costume was 150 people. Fees the actors were up to 2 thousand. Dollars per day of shooting.

The whole episode was filmed in the studio area of ​​1800 square meters, located 140 km from this Santa Barbara, and in the city itself has not been withdrawn or frame. Maybe that's why the inhabitants of Santa Barbara remembered about the show with undisguised irritation.

Because of too long a period of filming, not all actors have the patience for years to play the same role. For all seasons "Santa Barbara" was replaced by two Ted Mason's three, five CC, four Kelly, Gina and two more Santana. By the way, the replacement of an actor playing a charming cynic Mason spectators reacted particularly painful. Moreover, after the departure of Mason series №1 ratings have dropped significantly.

Not everyone knows that the role of the young Mason starred Leonardo DiCaprio.

Young actress Robin Wright, who played in the series romantic Kelly №1, after the shooting of "Santa Barbara" was able to make a successful acting career and become a global celebrity. Thanks to the series Robin met with actor Sean Penn, and in 1996 the couple were married.

Actor A Martinez, who played tough cop Cruz Castillo, in life suffered persistent allergic to seafood. Therefore, in the scenes where Cruz enjoys the lobster, they were replaced by ordinary boiled chicken. And when Martinez during the filming worried or forgotten text, it takes slap yourself in the face, saying: "Come on, hey!". Once the director decided to make fun of the actor. After footage of the episode, he went to him and said: "It was excellent, but will have to re-shoot because of the huge red handprints on your face." But the joke is not weaned from the actor's interesting habits.

On the set, of course, not without curiosities. For example, during a scene between CC and Sophia actors broke under the bed, and a five-minute episode had to reshoot. At the dress rehearsal of one of the scenes of Augustus (Louis Sorel) with such zeal "fainted" on hand Eden (Mercy Walker) that both the actress collapsed on the floor and fell out of the frame. Once Mason according to the script had to wipe his perspiring face curtain hotel and continue the dialogue with Julia. But the curtain was so dusty that the actor's face suddenly turned black.

And the most delicious: US former president Ronald Reagan, seeing one of the series "Santa Barbara", which in August blinded, confused movie with reality. Reagan wrote actress Louis Sorel full sympathy letter on behalf of himself and his wife: "Nancy and I are very sorry about your illness. Dear Luis, our thoughts and feelings with you .... "


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