The actors of the series Santa Barbara then and now

July 30, 1984 on NBC started the cult American soap opera called Santa Barbara. During the show the show watched by millions of people, and the number exceeded the 2000 series! Today I want to show you the favorite characters of the series 30 years later. We often like to call some endless or severely tightened things "Santa Barbara", of course, not referring to the city in the state of California. Yes, we had seen in the late 90s now I legendary American series. He sunk into the soul to many, because in those days, the domestic "soap" practically delivered to the central channels - it just did not take off. I remembered only the first domestic sitcom "Passion", which was shown in the 96-97-m, while the "Santa Barbara" and its solemn call letters (remember his unforgettable soundtrack?) Came, perhaps, in every house from 1992 to 2002 th. For 10 years, we have issued a series of 1823, but for some reason not shown at first, but with the 217-th to 2040-th.


By the way, in his home state this teleshedevr stretched to 9 years - showed from 1984 to 1993rd. And, of course, American housewives and the rest indifferent fate of the main characters "soap" of the country, seeing all the 2137 series.
Yes, as in the past, this is the longest series of the ones that were shown in Russia. However, the "Santa Barbara" only takes 10 th place in the ranking of the endless teleistory. The top ten most serials unknown broad Russian audience, they do not broadcast due to various reasons. Only "The Bold and the Beautiful" we were able to see, and that not all series.
Who's first? Can you imagine, "soap", which looks 57 years in a row? And listen (started with the auditions) started 15 years earlier? The story of the life of a priest who lives in a suburb of Chicago called "Guiding Light" hit the "Guinness Book of Records" for their unmatched durability.
But back to the good old "Santa Barbara" and its main characters. The plot of the series spun around 4 families of different backgrounds. The rich and powerful Capwell, their age-old, but less successful rivals Lockridge, and Hispanic employees Perkins Andrade. There were Blakey, Castillo, DiNapoli, Donnelly, Walker and hundreds of other heroes.
CC played 6 actors. The fifth was a blonde, but something failed. He was replaced on the burning brunette. To the audience unaccustomed to the former entity, CC fell into a coma, and the whole season was lying bandaged. How razbintovali - so there suck another mug. We are, of course, we noticed, and his children and wife - no. Well, if they recognized it, we somehow cares? I had to admit.


The eldest daughter, Eden Capwell. She was devoted to her father, ambitious and ambitious. The whole movie was in love with a simple policeman and also Mexican Cruz Castillo.
Cruise - a simple but very proper man - repeatedly made some unbelievable feats and was very fond of Eden. They got married. But they are not divorced then? I think so.
She played Marcy Walker. She is now 52 years old, but she looks older. Cruz played Hey Martinez. He was 65 years old.



Eden was the younger sister of Kelly. She was considered a beauty, all in love with her (at the end, and Cruz). Why is it most often fall into the accident and loses his memory, although these different family members. Robin Wright plays her married Sean Penn and removed so far in cinema. The rest with the less fortunate. Now Wright 47 years.


The eldest son competed with his father and had problems with alcohol. Of all children CC he liked most of all to the Russian public. I do not know how the American. We liked that he always ironically, sad, witty. It seemed that he alone of all is the soul.


Lane Davies for 63 years. In my opinion, it has changed little. It just took some of his earliest snapshot.
Here's another. This actor most frequently visited Russia.


The youngest son Ted was a very nice guy. More about him and have nothing to say. Todd McKee 50 years. It is unlikely that he flourished.


CC have had several wives.
Second wife, Sophia, the mother of Kelly, Eden and Ted and Mason played the stepmother Judith McConnell.
The picture shows her 69 years. She was a real beauty. During the filming gave birth to a daughter.


The third wife-intriguer Jinn played Robin Mattson. She was 57 years old.


At CC was the enemy, whose name was Lionel Lockridge. Once Sophie CC changed him. The role played by Nicolas Coster. He was 79 years old. He recently married his Russian Elena Borodulina admirer. My wife is originally from Moscow and the younger spouse to '43.


Many viewers loved the lawyer Giulia. In one of the seasons she married Mason. This marriage took place due to requests from American audiences.
Nancy Lee Grahn in the picture 55 years. It looks better than the film.




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