If the great scholars of Instagram was ... This turn of events does not even dreamed of Mendeleev!

Modern technologies are moving forward steadily and slowly flood the whole world. It is hard to imagine how we ever lived without newfangled gadgets! Admit it, even many of the older generation know the difference between iPhones, iPads and smart phones, not to mention the Younger, who never tires is not something that walk, run and that there are forces in step with the times. You've already read an SMS from your favorite literary characters, and now let's fantasize a bit and imagine what would happen if the great scientists of the world have had an account in Instagram. It seems that this turn of events does not even dreamed of Mendeleev!

Pyotr Kapitsa

Konstantin Tsiolkovsky

James Watt

Sergei Korolev

Maria Sklodowska-Curie

Experience Hans Christian Oersted

Dmitri Mendeleev

Fortunately, these luminaries of world science was not a mobile phone and the application Instagram. Perhaps they would have succumbed to a smartphone-dependent and due to the lack of time, would never have made his great discoveries. Share these hilarious collages with your friends.

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