29 short, but incredibly apt tips to live it became easier. Use of health!

Each of us is a blacksmith, potter, architect and designer of his life. You are surrounded by space variants of fate. It is not necessary to remove all responsibility, complaining about other people or circumstances. You own page by page writing the script of his life. It would seem that you have read a lot about it, even I took the unwritten laws of fate for the truth. But sometimes it is difficult to reconcile with the fact that, at this stage, if something is absent in your life - this is the result of your thoughts. Do I own enemy? Did I let into my life all these difficulties? Did not I dreamed of happiness? You, my friend, recently too long to focus on what you do not like. Try to switch to what you wish with all my heart, and take life a little easier. The fate of the tin-made you a basket of sour lemon? So make lemonade! Optionally, add the sugar ... so even more useful! You'll see - it will be easier to live.

This short life 29 tips to help you set up thoughts on the right wave. Use of health!

1. Customizable always positive emotions - it makes life easier. B>

2. Do not spare money for fun. B>

3. Begin to live. Do not start to prepare for life, which will be in the future. B>


5. Learn to say the problems, "So what", "Mom did not love me." - "So what!" "I can not call myself a success." - "So what!" "I did well, but still lonely." - "So what!» B>

6. Hravitsya - say. B>


8. Problems are human only in his head. B>

9. It is unclear - ask. B>

10. Try to extract pleasure from each event. B>


12. Do you want to meet - invite. B>

13. Remember that you are owed nothing to anybody. B>


15. Want something - ask. B>

16. Remember, no you did not have to. B>


18. Try not to argue. B>

19. Believe no promises, and their feelings. B>


21. You want to be clear - explain. B>

22. Take care of what you hold dear. B>


24. Do not be boring. B>

25. Do not give up: success in life - is sprinting. B>


27. If you want to live, you learn one thing: to accept things as they are and accept yourself for who you are. B>

28. Are you a big fan of a problem. Just understand this and suddenly problems disappear. B>


It's crazy how many problems we create for yourself! No one can help you, as long as you did not realize that you need to change something. Take these tips to share a positive note, and with their friends.

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