25 fruit which can not watch without a smile. I can not believe that this can grow!

In school we are taught that humans evolved from apes, and they, in turn, evolved from simpler animals. And we have no relationship with plants and trees, people found only in the works of Tolkien. But some finds in the garden cast doubt on the correctness of Darwin. Carrot can look like a man, the tomato to be like a duck, and strawberries to resemble the butterfly.

Nature's great amused by creating these funny fruits!

Strawberries like a chicken.

Pumpkin can get not only a coach, but also geese.

Carrot to the party.

Pepper horrified by what you gonna eat it.

Tomatoes-duck. Though take and run to the bathroom. B>

This pumpkin does not even need to cut out on Halloween. She's like a dragon. B>

Apple Owl breed.

Potato clearly looks like a sheep.

Radish-of models posing for the artist.

Broccoli clearly about something warns.

Carrot goes to the gym.

Peach Mishutka.

Radish escapes from the garden.

Cucumber duck swims in the pond.

Strawberry butterfly.

«You sit, hugging her knees, somewhere on the edge of the universe. Hey, there's someone alive? » B>

username, Bear!

Meet Mr Eggplant.

I wonder what shoe size is the radish?


Tomato character of Angry birds.

Another bird from Angry birds, now the onion.

Spicy pepper.

Strawberry mouse looking out the window.

Like it? Put Like! B>

As you can see, even in supermarkets and grocery stores, you can find something funny. It is only necessary to have a cheerful mood and a good imagination. And, of course, the camera in time to capture the fruits of these fun and show pictures to others. After all, these images can not be viewed without smile. Lift your mood to your friends and share with them this record.

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