They're smarter than I thought! 10 smartest animals on our planet.

Some animal scientists attribute a very high level of intelligence, based on multiple studies. But even without special equipment and tests in the usual home environment, each person with a drop of care, can make such conclusions. Our pets sometimes show such intelligence and insight, it's even a little scary. This collection contains 10 photos of the animals that occupy the top places in the list of the most intelligent representatives of the fauna on the planet.

The biggest of the smartest. They are famous for high intelligence and excellent memory. Recent studies have shown that elephants can communicate with each other even at very large distances. They do this with the help of vibration, which is distributed on the ground when the elephants stomp. Sensitive skin of legs and trunk receives messages. That is how the elephants pass each other information about the impending danger.

Many scientists believe it is the most intelligent dolphins animals on the planet. The language of these fauna are not yet fully understood, but the analysis shows that these mammals have a very special intelligence. Dolphins have one interesting feature - they never really did not fall asleep. The left and right hemisphere of their brain sleep at a time. There are cases when the dolphins during the war was used as saboteurs.

Your favorite animal of little children. Dogs can perceive 250 teams, count to five and even do some simple math. This is the most dedicated human animals. Of all the dog breeds considered to be the most intelligent poodle.

Cats - the real stars of the Internet. The World Wide Web is stored a lot of photos and videos, proving the incredible intelligence of these animals. They are able to use the human plumbing and can plan the theft of the sausage. Here are just a character in cats is too complicated, and the mental abilities they display only when they themselves see fit.

According to biologist Edward Wilson, first place in the ranking of the most intelligent animals occupy six members of the family of primates: gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, orangutans, monkeys and gibbons. They all have a large brain development and through specific language skills, can communicate with other members of their species.

Rat - is an animal that is able to retaliate. In general, they are playful and friendly, but if a rat offend her reaction was not long in coming. Very often, the rat sit long in one place and look at a single point. Scientists suggest that the way they perceive a certain wavelength.

Pigs also considered quite intelligent animals. They quickly get used to the daily routine, excellent feel while. Pigs are very sensitive and attentive, but because it is often are nervous. They do not respond well to all the other sounds, nothing good from them without waiting.

These cunning little creatures have long understood that a person can be a source of food for them. They steal food from bird feeders, digging up plants planted to find seeds, and sometimes settle in the attic. If you give a protein food, the next day she will come back for a refill.

Octopuses are renowned for their cleanliness. They clean your home with water from the funnel, and scraps heaping outside. It is the most intelligent invertebrate representatives. They are trainable, have an excellent memory, and even distinguish geometric shapes. Able to get used to people, get to know them.

Geniuses among birds. Very clever, able to steal anything. If extraction is too large, collected into a pack to thereby acquire desired. They know how to use deceptive maneuvers, distraction, working in tandem. Use the basics of physics. If you break the shell alone does not work, the bird tosses it up to smashed it against hard surfaces. Very well to training, the team performed with pleasure.

All these animals are willing to exercise their intelligence and execute any commands in response to a delicious meal and the friendly attitude of the person. What matters is that, by studying their characteristics, we were not hurt people and those who can not resist our power. If you liked the information about the most intelligent animals on our planet - we share it with your friends.

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