This black capsule called "mermaid's purse." You have no idea what it holds ...

If you found a purse, which belongs to the mermaid, which would it be? Maybe money? Jewellery? Or shells? In fact, even if we exclude the existence of any mythical creatures, you can hold in your hand "mermaid purse". So it called small capsule in which some sharks and rays lay their eggs or embryos. "Purses mermaids" the color black or brown, they are soft and feels like skin. The next time natolkneshsya on one of the beaches on such a thing, then do not panic, it's just another new sea creatures.

«Wallets mermaids" can look pretty intimidating, but in reality they are composed of collagen ...

Most of all, when you find such a capsule, the side will be a small cut, which means that out of it already someone was born, and the shell itself just issued a wave at the beach.

The capsules are very soft to the touch and can not hurt you.

If there are four on each side of the tooth, there developed offspring ramp.

And from such capsules bizarre babies are born horned sharks. These "purses" is easily fixed to the ocean floor, allowing akulyatam grow at a relatively steady state conditions. B>

It looks like a pendant that someone lost ...

I do not know you, and me of this school never told. Now we know even a little bit more about the fauna of the planet. If this material is entertaining to show you, by all means tell about it to their friends.

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