Habits of people from the Middle Ages. When about cleanliness could only dream of ...

Since work on this stuff, I remembered the movie "Bruce Almighty." Remember, one of the highlights of this picture the character of Jim Carrey says that God does not happen the holidays. What Morgan Freeman, who played God says: "Have you heard about the Middle Ages?" Indeed the Middle Ages hardly a happy time. Throughout the war, disease, the Crusades, and so on.

Some of them are frankly staggering. But within most of our time just seem terrifying ...

dirty hands
Regularly wash hands began only in the XVIII century in the Netherlands. Prior to that, such a hygienic procedure was outlandish, that obviously does not prolong life.

This procedure was irregular. We are doing it just a few times a year. As a detergent, a mixture of alkali, urine and river water.

Washing urine
Urine is not only used for washing, but also in the cosmetic purposes. In general, it periodically washed ...

In those days were usually earthen floors, they threw a bit of straw, and the top for a long time layering garbage. Here is such a medieval parquet.

Camouflage of odors
As a masking dirty linen, clothes and all that is not subjected to washing and cleaning for a long time, abundantly used perfume.

Some of the animals on the face
In fashion were artificial eyebrows, which were made of mouse fur ...

As the drugs in the event of an open wound using a hot poker. Thus we are fighting infection. In fairness, we will be told that periodically this method works, but it happens, and so that led to amputation or death ...

No such thing as a separate toilet, almost was not. Pots stood under the bed, the contents of which could periodically poured directly into the box.

Toilet paper
Continuing the theme, say that the toilet paper, of course, did not exist. There have been many substitutes: in ancient Rome used a sponge on a stick, and the general, some tribes used ears of corn, in the Middle Ages often used a hand or an armful of leaves.

Wash in clean water was a rarity. Most often, when someone washed, the water is used for the same purpose all his relatives ...

Until the beginning of the XX century, no night is complete without a pair of biting bugs ...

Fashionistas of time to style your hair goose fat. On this fertile soil developed a huge number of different parasites.

Leeches were treated everything from colds to cancer. Because of this, people regularly died of blood poisoning.

Those were the days. Now it's hard to believe, but it was and is. Benefit of present people have become much more cleanly. Well, about outlandish Middle Ages you can tell your friends using social networks.

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