The sensational archaeological finds! Mummy girl tribe reveals the secrets of the Incas 500 years ago.

South American Inca Empire is known for human sacrifices. Usually in sacrifice to the gods they brought the captives warring tribes. However, in exceptional cases, even gave the slaughter of their children. Several of the victims of ritual perfectly preserved to this day, after lying in the glaciers of the Andes more than 500 years. And now the frozen mummy share with us the secrets of an old civilization. Research findings may shed light on the traditions, culture and way of life that existed in the Inca Empire.

The startling discovery was made by the famous German archaeologist Johan Reinhard. He deliberately set out to search for bodies on top of the volcano llullaillaco, believing that in there the glaciers can be found well-preserved human remains. However, finding even surpassed his expectations! At an altitude of 6706 meters it was discovered well-preserved mummy of a teenage girl. I can not believe that she died more than 500 years ago.

The found a mummy named "virgin llullaillaco." Her hands literally tore down the slope of the volcano and transferred to the laboratory for studies at the Catholic University of Salta in Argentina.

Numerous studies have found that the girl at the time of death was between 13 and 15 years. And the signs of violent death was found. On Maiden llullaillaco it was expensive clothes, hair well-groomed and braided into small braids.

The study of stomach contents showed the girls that in the last year of her life she took an elite food quality. Probably, this food entered after she was chosen for the sacrifice. After all, at first she was fed traditional peasant food - potatoes and vegetables. However, last year it began to intensively fed meat and corn.

In addition, in the last months of his life Woman heavily treated to give coca leaves and alcohol. This is probably done to the girl not resist the coming of death. It is believed that before the ritual ascent to llullaillaco heavily drugged her and alcohol and just left to freeze in a special place at the top of the volcano.

About ritual sacrifice testify finds beside the body of the girl. Near it were found ornaments of gold and silver utensils with food and clothing. A girl's head was crowned with a kind of headdress of white feathers.

A little later, near the burial place of the Virgin llullaillaco it was discovered the mummies of two children - a boy and a girl 5-7 years. Most likely, all three children were sacrificed at the same time.

Currently, all three children mummies are in the Museum of Archaeology Alta Montana de Salta in Argentina's Salta. However, their investigation is continuing. So, in connection with the development of technology in the near future sacrificial bodies of children can tell us a lot more about the life of the Incas in pre-Columbian period.

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