17 Otpad cards, which prove that in a thin female nature without a bottle you will not understand.

Women's soul - a dense forest. You have to be careful, solving its sophisticated ladies nature, do not wander into the impenetrable jungle, which later is not so easy to get. They say that the women's logic and even more so there is nothing to do with logic. It's that neither is a continuous stream of consciousness. We have to admit, sometimes Crazy pohlesche books of James Joyce ... But who are we, the men, without our lovely ladies? Admit it, life without women would be boring and monotonous.

This 17 Otpad cards that prove: that's something that, as women, certainly not boring!

Something tells me that every representative of the beautiful half of humanity has learned here themselves, and men - their loved ones. In actual fact, women - these women! Men and women are different, but only love can create from this union is something truly wonderful. Share these funny greeting cards for our ladies with their buddies. They check out the humor!

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