Scientists have discovered a copy of our planet! 1400 light years is double of the Earth.

Mankind has always wondered, are we alone in the universe or in the depths of space, there are other civilizations like us? Recently, fans of alien romance was provided new food for thought. July 23, 2015, NASA announced the discovery of a planet that is most similar to their basic parameters to Earth. Double our Earth is called Kepler-452 B (Kepler-452 b). This is the first near-Earth-sized planet, which were found in the habitable zone of stars with the same spectral class, that of the sun.

The planet is orbiting the yellow dwarf star Kepler-452, in the constellation Cygnus. Twin brother of our Earth is located 1402 light-years from the solar system. So far this planet, as well as the star whose orbit is located, are the technical name. His name they received in honor detect them Kepler space telescope. It would be launched into orbit near the end of 2009 specifically for the detection of Earth-like planets.

From the set of detected planets, Kepler-452 B has the greatest similarity to Earth. It orbits a star that is very similar to the sun. Both planets orbit almost identical. The period of rotation over 20 days, so that one year on this planet is 385 days. Insolation, that is, exposure to sunlight, the earth more than just 10%. And the average temperature without the greenhouse effect is estimated to be 8 degrees Celsius below zero.

Kepler-452 B is older and larger than our Earth. Its age is more than 1, 5 billion years, and the size of 63% above the earth. According to the results of modeling the planet's mass is estimated to be 5 times the mass of Earth, which means that the force of attraction is almost twice our.

Direct evidence for the existence of life on Kepler-452 B is not, but there are all conditions for that. Because of the great distance of this planet from us in the near future to organize an expedition to the twin of the Earth will fail. Now scientists are monitoring the signals that come from the Kepler-452 B, in the hope, if not to reveal messages from other civilizations, at least some evidence of the habitability of the planet.

I wonder how much more wonderful discoveries preparing for us the universe? And if we are destined to find the extraterrestrials? You can discuss it with their friends, after sharing with them this record.

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