"We live in Ponte ..." The article, which will make you rethink their views of the world.

Today, more and more people are obsessed with imaginary success and enrichment. Everyone wants to outdo the other. Everything seems to participate in the invisible races where the prize ultimately do not get anyone. People think about the wrapper, entirely missing the point that the first buyer only pays attention to packaging. Much more important is the quality of content. And why, in fact, someone has to do something to sell? We are not hundred-dollar bills to please everyone.

This article is full of merciless criticism will make you rethink their views of the world. In the end, we do not have to prove anything.

We live in a time of Ponto. Students go heaped with smartphones, which, in fact, needed only for business, and business applications instead of swinging at them igrulki. Nedomenedzhery with a salary of 40 thousand cars go on for a couple of million. Country rogue who could barely make ends meet, roll their wedding in the best traditions of the Caucasian celebrations of the nineteenth century - 100 500 visitors, tons of food and wine, a few days of celebration ... All this - the only game on the audience to be "better than others" to envy.

Ponty become infectious. The need to show off the modern society dictates, even to those who initially did not want this. If only one student in the class does not have the iPhone - it will be considered lohom. If a representative office plankton, while on vacation, upload photos from the country, not from Turkey or Egypt - it is considered rogue. And from all the friends of any businessman almost demand that he went on a huge SUV. Otherwise, a businessman from it?

Dangerous than show-off - that's understandable. Firstly, people limit their financial capabilities, do not spend money on development, and on the external trappings, breaks slave loans. Secondly, start to measure yourself in terms of "what will they say around." Own self-esteem begins to depend on other people's opinions. And thirdly, this need not be, and appear to eat into consciousness and becomes the main goal.

The need pontovatsya imposed on society by the capitalist system to sell unnecessary goods and services to people and mass vparivat unnecessary things - we need only to convince everyone that the possession of these things is a sign of the slope.

In order not to sit down on the need to show off, to stop being dependent on the opinions of others. And when you will not care what other people think about you, you will notice that respect in the eyes of others in no way diminished, quite the contrary. And if you spend time and money in place for further development of the Ponto - after a while you'll find that others have enough reasons for you to be jealous. This way of thinking changes and brings him closer to the thinking of successful people. Yes, the same ones that many are trying to appear but they are not.

Really successful and self-sufficient person never tries to increase its importance in the eyes of others - he with the importance and everything is in order. He does not boast of things, not rude attendants, not asserting itself at the expense of those who are below him on the social ladder. Because a successful person is not looking down - those over whom he got up, and up - to those who want to grow. He is aware of the need for constant development and self-improvement. With such a mindset and way of life will make all the trappings of their own accord, but will no longer have such a value because values ​​will be other, more serious and committed.

Come to mind the words of Oscar Wilde: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken the role!" And people say briefly and clearly: "Be easy, and people to reach for you." Please Share this article with your friends.

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