17 amazing photos that will change your perception of the modern world.

The art of photography has brought into our lives a great number of opportunities, which previously could only dream of. Especially when it reached those heights that are available to us now. Not long ago trip to the photo shop was something festive for the whole family. Surely, after rummaging in old photo albums, you can find those famous pictures where the whole family sits around, often without removing the outer clothing, even in winter. Looking at a picture of his childhood, one of today's comedians even said: « In this picture there are still the most valuable thing was my mother: children and Pestsovaya cap ... i>» But now everything is quite -Other, almost every house has a camera, and some, and not one, but still a ... Now we can shoot great pictures every day, but not many succeed.

The grandmother of Jessica Alba in her youth, and her granddaughter today.

the first time in 18 years, the black rhino born in captivity. It happened at the zoo of Zurich. B>

Gorilla for a second before the photographer was at least one camera ...

An experienced climber finds the slightest irregularities in the rock.

The island, which is filled with people fleeing the flood, Malaysia.

power line poles in the form of giants, Iceland.

The village in Tibet.

Hoop invented dogs for the blind, so they do not beat about the things ...

High-speed snowmobile Snow Crawler.

The winners of Super Bowl rings are obtained: the top - the first series, the bottom - a series of 2015.

Bonsai, which 800 years.

surfer runs a 20-pound stone on the bottom, endurance training.

The blood vessels of the human hand.

The best players in the world play football ... At least try ...

The interior of the module "Dome" to the ISS.

Such pictures can easily change the look of the world, in fact, seeing them, we not only get aesthetic pleasure, but also to learn something new. If you liked this collection, there is no doubt, but rather happened to it with your friends on social networks.


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