23 incredibly cute packaging for the goods ... and pulls a hand to buy it all!

Out of the mouth of the protagonist "99 francs" - the cult films of the advertisers, is based on the eponymous book - I flew very interesting phrase: «When you're after the most severe economy buy finally a wheelbarrow of their dreams, I turn it into junk." i> The advertising business is gaining every day more and more turns. Advertising takes possession of consciousness as individuals and mankind as a whole. Clever marketers decide today that we will want tomorrow. Only God knows what's going on in their heads. Ways creative person inscrutable. Sometimes you wonder how this or that idea came into my head advertisers. At times, you realize that, like it or not, and the wrapper is perhaps the most important.

It's 23 most original packing for all sorts of goods ... When you look at these masterpieces, you catch yourself thinking that the advertising - it is also an art. So stretch your hands to buy it all!

Chocolate as tubes of paint

Socks - colored brush


The original packaging candies

Knitting as a sheep

Tissue in the form of birds

Packages for dog excrement

Glass for cotton swabs as a lamb

Invisible Hair

self-opening package for oil and wax from sugar

tea bags butterfly

Packages of pasta ​​b>

Originally packaged meat

No, this is not the tray of eggs. It is bulb. B>

Packaging for headphones in the form of various characters

Funny holders for baby food

Sets for baking and animal masks for free

Cable beard

Pet food

Chocolate bar in the form of an army knife

Candies flavored ketchup Heinz

Towels as pencils and erasers

An elegant packaging gum hair

All advertisers are able to enter the holy of holies - the consciousness of consumers. So masters of manipulation! Share these incredibly creative ideas with your friends.

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