These men are not models, but in his underwear by Calvin Klein celebrities look better than ...

We are used to advertise underwear only selected beauties and handsome. Sometimes a sight for sore eyes look and think: "It's necessary to be born so charming!" Confidentially speaking, in many cases, for the magnificent way the models a good job hiding stylists, makeup artists and photographers. But it's not that ...

Everyone, certainly, we would like to go as a supermodel and feel like a star. Therefore, in recent years, very popular experiments, when ordinary people wear expensive branded clothes and copy images from a particular advertisement. Not long ago, few women from the American edition Buzzfeed decided to try swimwear Victoria's Secret. Turn and men.

Employees of the same edition recreated the famous advertising images of lingerie brand Calvin Klein. They wanted to show that men of different sizes not necessarily fit into the standards invented by fashion. Notice that a drop in the pictures Photoshop!

Kevin: « what looks like a model on the cover, is simply incredible. We only show perfect picture and did not show the ordinary people. I would like to participate in promotions of models of different ethnic groups and the size of i> ». B>

Isaac: «I understand that Calvin Klein sells the dream of using such advertising. But I think it would be nice to make a collection for guys and larger i> ». B>

Matt: «I have never seen models of Asian appearance, short stature and obesity. And since I was not like all these men on the cover, I thought that quite attractive to women. It took me a while to accept the fact that we are all different and there is nothing wrong i> ». B>

Spencer: «Watching advertising, I do not see anyone who would like me. I see an example of how people should look on someone's opinion i> ». B>

Dan: «I do not Djimon Hounsou, but I should not be. I'm Dan - and happy with this i> ». B>

Logan: «Everyone should learn to appreciate your body. It is difficult, but necessary. I still do not quite get, but I'm on the right track i> ». B>

If you are in harmony with your body, you can feel like a star of the podium in any attire. Would you like to participate in this photo shoot? Share this article with your friends - it will be interesting to know what they would have chosen for themselves.

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