20 powerful quotations beloved Yevgeny Leonov. Great words of a great man!

Yevgeny Leonov would be no exaggeration to call publicly favorite actor. For a fairly ordinary exterior hides a tremendous talent, incredible charm, and most importantly - warmth and humanity. Looking at his characters on screen, you realize that he's not just playing the role - he lived it! And in this whole Yevgeny Leonov. The man who was incredibly dedicated and ready to give all of himself without reserve in order to achieve the desired result. And not only in the cinema or at the theater, but also in real life.

In his every word concentrated worldly wisdom, multiplied by the personality of the Leonova.

above the law could be love! Above the law - mercy! Above fair - forgiveness. That's enough to not fall below the human level. B>

Are there people in your life to whom you are not afraid to be a little, silly, unarmed, in all its nakedness revelation? This person - your protection.

I like the silence. Silence - a special state of the world and of the soul. Beyond the beauty of silence can not be understood. Everything was done in the great silence.

Often enough just one kind word to feel winged. And it is very important that this word has been said in the person's life.

In my life, it happened that I was hurt, I think, in vain, undeserved. And I have such a will, that if a person wronged me, I was expelled from my life. I can greet him and talk, but it is for me as a person is no longer there ...

Goodwill may be the property of the soul, and can be good manners - and not just figure it out, unfortunately.

How a Chekhov said that we, Russian, looking for suffering, to avoid boredom.

I remember how we got on the ship is very beautiful. I was approached by the director, the operator and said, "Do not worry, we have come up with a very funny episode. Put you in a cage, releasing tigers and see what happens. " I say, "No, I do not agree. I have a family, a little boy, I'm against. " I am, of course, was persuaded, as I agreed to do this movie. All hid themselves. Directed bold, courageous, and he climbed the mast, there still can be seen - it is easier to manage.

Fear - this is not a weakness. But if fear makes you pull back if you berezhesh its forces and as a result reduces itself - it is a weakness.

When I say - loneliness, I mean, I'm doing something, and I do not understand, then I'm lonely.

I noticed this on their own, how nice to work when you are not looking frowning look, kind, - in you that something is revealed, and I want to give to a man a hundred times more.

No art, high and low, have thought big and small, and the authors and poets dwarfs. And the art - is only a means for each of us to discover his true growth.

Theater - this is not a movie, no stage, no TV. Theater - this is not a story about love, she is - love. And that means that you have two: you and the audience. B>

For some, God in heaven, but to someone in your own heart. And this God is in the heart does not fall below a certain level of humanity ... He will not allow the dog to kick, hurt the old man's bad attitude to his parents ...

What it means to retreat? This is when a person does not use his strength to last. B>

These quotes once again prove that Yevgeny Leonov was not only an outstanding actor, but also a wonderful person: a wise, kind, charming and incredibly ironic. Introduce your friends with thoughtful sayings Yevgeny Leonov, let them discover a new facet of this great man.

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