Yevgeny Leonov sentimental message of the beloved son. It is worth reading for all parents!

Many words have been written and said about the power of a mother's love, but his father's love really deserves no less attention ... Why it is considered that a good and loving father - a sheer rarity. This is probably because men sometimes difficult to express their emotions. However, Yevgeny Leonov serdtseschipatelnoe a letter to his beloved son proves that even among men, there are exceptions. It is capable of touching message to hurt deeply. How much paternal sensitivity and tenderness in these lines! Truth be told, that a man of genius is a genius in everything.

Leon - true intellectual! He lived as a play. This letter is worth reading to one and all. God, give strength, wisdom and patience to be the parent ...

«Andrew, do you love me as I love you. You know, this is what the riches of - love. However, some believe that my love some not so, and from it, they say, only harm. And maybe, in fact, my love has prevented you from being an exemplary pupil? After all, I never did not flog you for all nine years of school. I>

Remember when you pull a face at the board, the class laughed, and then the teacher scolded me for a long time. Type I was thrice guilty, as if I'm standing in the corner, and she scolds me as a boy. I'm ready for any humiliation, but it all is not enough: "After the lesson frustrated ... because we do not fully forty-five minutes ... because he does not know and another to study does not ... because you'll have to him from the school to pick up ... because the words it is not act ... » i>

propotel shirt, jacket and loafers, and she still was not appeased. Well, I think I will give clout today, everything! With these thoughts I cross the schoolyard, and go out on Komsomol prospectus. From the excitement I can not take any taxi or a bus and go on foot ... i>

The woman drags a heavy bag, baby crying, seeing me, smiling, back can hear the mother says, "That's Winnie the Pooh laughs at you ..." A stranger greets me ... autumn wind blows me. I went to the house with the feeling that took over the jab and right. I went into the house, completely forgetting about the slap, and see you, I ask: "What are you building faces that everybody liked, Show me." And we're laughing. I>

And so on to the next call. My mother did not go to school. I lie and I think, even if the night was summoned to shoot in another city or rehearsal was not allowed to ... But Wanda morning crying, and I cancel the flight, time off from rehearsals, I run to school to take a stand in the corner. I>

What are the only detail worthy of our experiences ... i>

that's why I am writing this letter to correct something wrong, and look, perhaps, ridiculous and absurd, like some of my characters. But that's me! In essence, darling, there is nothing easier to live anxiety father's heart. I>

When I'm alone, away from home, yearning, I remember every word you say and every question, I want to talk to you endlessly, it seems, life is not enough to talk about everything. But you know that the most important thing I realized after the death of his mother, our grandmother. Oh, Andrew, is there a man in your life to whom you are not afraid to be a little, silly, unarmed, in all its nakedness revelation? This person is your protection. I>

And I'll be home soon. i>

My father. Leningrad. October 3, 1974 » i>

«Are there people in your life to whom you are not afraid to be a little, silly, unarmed, in all its nakedness revelation? This person is your protection », i> - these words struck me to the heart.

Recently, I watched a TV show featuring his son Yevgeny Leonov. It is very warm and very gratefully recalled his father, and regretted that caused him so much trouble in life. No doubt: the son had grown good. Education based on humanity, came to fruition. Share this wise message to all parents.

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