Leo did not calculate the forces at play with the baby. What did lioness - fantastic!

Sometimes, watching the animals, involuntarily noticed how we have a lot in common with them. Often it seems that animals are not so different from men, all accustomed to thinking. To understand this, just look into the eyes of the same dog and see a huge amount of emotions and feelings they reflect. And if you had to watch the behavior of animals with each other, you probably also noticed a large number of matches.

Similarly, with the lion family. This photo shows a small point in their lives.

A little bit daddy lion's tail.

His act teased the lion.

Here they are already in full play, but it seems a little lion did not calculate the forces.

right there appears a lioness, and scolds the father.

With such a mother lion cub that nothing terrible.

It's amazing how much this family scene reminiscent of similar people. Just look how the lioness in place of the lion. And who is the real king of beasts?



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