Family life through the eyes of citizens of Odessa. 20 killer jokes about relationships.

Family life - it is a serious and responsible. However, if we look at it through the eyes of Odessa citizens, even in the most difficult situations, you can always find a reason to smile.

Residents of Odessa is impossible not to admire. They are always ready to give the mountain a sincere, kind and self-deprecating humor. It is these features distinguish from the rest of Odessa jokes and make us again and again to re-read these jokes. Enjoy 20 pearls in which the unmistakable flavor of this wonderful city.

- Izzy, my dear, how do I look?
- Honey, the main sho we all are alive and well ...

- Shaw with you Rose, you are so much thinner?
- I suffer, I began to change my husband ...
- Taki Divorce!
- While I can not.
- And Shaw is?
- I want to lose five kilograms ...

Madame Fishman says, looking at wedding procession:
- Well, another was taken to wash the dishes ...

- Sarah ... You know, I'm paid very well and can contain another woman. What do you say?
- Perfectly! I'm calling your mother, let her stay with us ...

- Yasha! I'm telling you: we have a woman with light szhivut!
- Oh, Monia, I beg you! From these findings?
- Here are extinct reptiles and lizards did not!

Men are divided into two types: those who can raise the refrigerator to the fifth floor, and those who are still able to pay for it.

- Sam, do you remember when you were ill, I cooked the soup you?
- No, Celia, you first make soup, and then I was bad! B>

- Interested in ask, a recall for your husband datu vashey svadby?
- To schastyu no.
- And why is "fortunately┬╗?
- I remind him that several of the raz raz date every year and poluchayu podarki!

- Sarochka, happy birthday! And as you knocked?
- When I married a Sema, I was 20 and he was 40, then I have twice younger. Seme now 70, and I, therefore, 35!

- Celia, still remember: skill woman is to skillfully give your harpoon arrows for Cupid!

- Little Sophie, you're all such air ...
- Shaw as meringue?
- No, as anxiety!

- Yasha where your cloth?
- What?
- In which you now have to remain silent!

- Sarochka, expensive, and dialogue is still possible, or do you still have the right to clear?

At the wedding:
- And now the groom may kiss the bride!
The bride looks at her sheepishly, guests were silenced ...
Then the groom's mother's voice is heard:
- Go ahead, Monya! Mom does not mind ...

- Sam, did you hear from the Rabinowitz ran wife!
- And how did he?
- Well, now it is more or less calmed down, and the first was overjoyed.

I hope that these great jokes, not only to give you a good mood, but also forced a fresh look at the problems of family life. And then many troubles themselves recede into the background. Do not forget to share jokes with your friends, it also does not hurt a minute discharge.

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