25 funny pictures of vacationers, whose vacation is clearly did not go according to plan ...

Summer is slowly leaving us. It is time to leave behind is causing many of us regret the missed opportunities. Someone could not visit those places you dream about, someone went wrong with the weather at the resort, someone burned the first day at sea, and all the remaining days of healed burns ...

However, even if the holiday is not given, of him will always be something to remember. Especially if all the events in his life approached with humor and optimism. Team Ofigenno.cc offers you a selection of funny pictures, after watching that you stop narekat on your holiday failed.

He took the bus tickets at a discount.

Beach there? And I thought that you can swim right here. B>

Main vacation - this is not a place of rest, and good company!

Yes, in a pool of more space for swimming ...

So this is what was meant by the words "camp near the water»!

Now you can show off to all your friends that vacation rafting on a mountain river!

Dinner for two with candles near the water ... What could be better?

Leave a success!

The real master pickup invite girls in swimming pool with Jacuzzi and water slides.

Palma, sea and sand - that's all you need for a good holiday!

Beach is such a good location, you can take a taxi directly to the water to drive.

And if you take a picture with the right angle, you can tell that you swam the English Channel in a kayak.

Water skiing has not yet mastered, but is ready for this!

In-goal for fishing. I am there in the by-catch of such ide. B>

What kind of vacation, but without the internet?

The Birth of Venus today.

- Do not tell me how to swim to the pier?

- Row eight cables out in the direction of the lighthouse there turn to the right. B>

What you may say, and swim with the dolphins - it's cool!

festival outdoors is not able to spoil any weather.

The obligatory photo with the sea coast.

Near the beach there is a marina water bus bus.

This extreme tourism!

Well, what you do not Venice?

All the work team took diving lessons at a wholesale price. Truth never ceased to feel the office plankton. B>

Surfing - not cheap, but worth it!

Cheerful these images to be envied. After all, people have to demonstrate that with appropriate mood, even the most disastrous vacation can leave a lot of good memories. Give your friends a good mood and to share with them these fun pictures.

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