The other side feat. What went through astronauts who first left the ship.

Half a century ago, in 1965, the first time a person held out in the open space. It makes Alexei Leonov, commander of space ship "Voskhod-2". On reaching loudly declared all Soviet media, calling spacewalk new great step of mankind. However, few people know what desperate efforts it was given. Indeed, during that historic flight took place seven accidents, three or four of them, in the words of Alexei Leonov, was almost fatal. And things were so.

The Soviet Union took part in the space race with the United States. Ahead of his arch-rival was a matter of honor. That's when a struggle, a representative of the country's first released in open airspace.

Before the flight, there have been many workouts. Mock spaceship installed in the aircraft, which was moving in a sinusoidal and thus for some time to create the conditions of weightlessness.

Finally training is over, and the ship "Voskhod-2" orbited module with cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev. On the first turn of the orbit was inflated airlock, and already on the second Alexei Leonov got through it in the open space. It was a victory! But then there were difficulties.

Despite a number of preliminary training, Alexei Leonov went out into space, unable to go back to normal. His suit swelled in weightlessness, and the astronaut could not climb back through the gateway. To return to the right size, it had to bleed the air inside the suit to extreme 0 and 27 atmospheres. It was a miracle that Leonov did not lose consciousness.

Wade aboard had abnormally. According to the instructions in the airlock had to enter feet first. But because of the bloated space suit managed to squeeze a forward head. And to get on board the ship, it was necessary to do a somersault inside close the gateway. In addition, contrary to the instructions Leonov had to open the visor of his suit before filling air gateway. Otherwise the sweat very much into his eyes.

In the end Alexei Leonov barely got inside the ship. I do not have time to catch my breath as a new attack occurred. When shooting occurred depressurization gateway ship. Automatic increased supply of oxygen, which threatened to burst. Being in a state of oxygen toxicity, Leonov accidentally turned off the air supply hose from the reserve cylinder. After seven hours, the air flow was eliminated and the upcoming landing on Earth.

However, astronauts waiting for a new trial. Automation refused, so we had to wind the extra circle in orbit and to land manually. And everything is good, but the chair of the crew were on the side of the control panel. Therefore, it was impossible to control the descent capsule being fastened for landing.

Moreover, the only window "Voskhod-2" has been located so that it can be seen from Earth was not. I had to remember the star map and navigate by celestial bodies.

The second cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev set the direction of the ship for landing and quickly returned to the chair - fastened. Then he turned on the brake motors. But this time the ship had time to "fly" the intended landing site for 165 kilometers to the north.

The process of landing astronauts remember vaguely. Chosen from the device somewhere in the middle of the forest drifts. Poured from suits for a few liters of sweat, lit a fire and began tapping out Morse code SOS. Meanwhile, our radio and television was broadcasting that took place successfully and landing astronauts on the basis relax after a hard flight.

In fact Leonov Belyayev with two days spent among the snowy woods awaiting rescue. As a result, accidents astronauts discovered, but put next to the helicopter was not possible. Therefore Leonov Belyayev spent another day in the woods, waiting for a group of skiers, which was supposed to clear the site for the landing of the aircraft.

For this flight Leonov, Belyaev, like all the cosmonauts at the time, was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. But few people for the sake of the "stars" as many times subjected to a deadly risk ...

Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev truly accomplished a feat. If you are impressed by their bravery and strength of spirit, you will certainly share this story with your friends.

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