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During the life of almost every creates a binding energy, not even knowing how difficult it is being


Snap - This energy channel formed during the interaction with other people, objects or egregors. Lets you distinguish between two concepts: energy channel, and binding energy. It's not quite the same thing.

Energy channels appear as a reality during communication between two people through these channels takes the interchange energy. Without energy ties with other people people can not survive, they can not be removed, it violates human nature.

Binding - is also a channel, but here we are dealing with a violation of the energy.

Binding is based on man's dependence on something or someone, and thus contradicts the basic Divine Law, which states that every person is free.

Danger binding energy is not only to stop development, but also in the fact that a skilled manipulator through this binding can cause negative emotions, the origin of which is difficult to track.

During the life of almost every energy creates a binding, not knowing how it complicates his existence. These bindings do not allow a person to fully develop. A man without development degrades.

The reason for the bindings - a violation of human laws of the Divine.

The negative emotions form the binding of the corresponding chakras:

Muladhara (base chakra) - fear, aggression.
Svadhisthana (... chakra) - lust, obsession.
Manipur (navel chakra) - submission or conversely the desire for power.
Anahata (the heart chakra) - love and hate.
Vishuddha (throat chakra) - the desire for self-realization.
Ajna (frontal chakra) - reference to the fact that a person is considered true principles and guidelines.
Sahasrara (the crown chakra) - bind to egregors.
On the subtle plane are seen as binding tubes of different diameter, which energy flows of different color and consistency.

Dangerous not the anchor, it's just the energy channels and certain energy disturbances in the interaction - when people are not free, and try to subjugate another.

Bindings communication burden. This person will feel a strong craving for what to whom is attached. The degree of binding strength is very high, they deprive a person of liberty, and prevent its spiritual development.

Binding may occur involuntarily. For example, when an attack is made astral forms the binding between those who attacked and those whom attacked. This - the trace of the interaction.

Bindings can be created artificially. Action omens based on the artificial creation of bindings. In this case, the binding site is visualized in the form of hooks, screws, clips, knots and other fastening methods. The flaps disrupt binding and block the energy channels. These actions are the rituals of black magic.

Binding can be active or passive, depending on whether the flowing energy thereon.

Examples bindings:

Pity, the desire to help, to save. Many people fall for the bait. Assuming that he does a good deed, a person can feed the many years of such an energy parasite and thus think that without his support he did not survive. This parasitic relationship.
Resentment. This feeling is one of the strongest negative impact on health. The fact is that when people offended again and again his thoughts returned to the offender, generously giving thus to its vitality.
Revenge, the desire to prove their case. It is difficult to forget and let go of the person when the matter is scrolled in my head a sinister plan of vengeance, can you imagine what he say what he will then face etc. etc.
Guilt. Here we are dealing with aggression, directed at himself. These depriving yourself room for error. Guilt - unproductive emotion, because people did not correct their actions, and engaged in self-flagellation. The individual who feels guilt over the other, often thinks about how to beg forgiveness of the other and that one can do to make amends. The result - a strong binding.
Material losses. Bad debts binds two people for a long time, thus, the larger the amount, the stronger the binding. However, the one who gives in debt, yet there is a way: mentally say goodbye with their money, as if they were lost, and sincerely forgive the debtor. Imagine that the money he gave him for his birthday, for example. At the debtor's situation worse, no matter how he tried, he could not remember to whom he owed. The only way to get rid of binding - to pay his debt or fulfill it. Robbery, theft, fraud - all this also creates a binding between the perpetrator and the victim. Conclusion: get rid of attachment to money and things.
The feeling of obligation to repay the service rendered. Here, too, there is a sense of duty, but the debt is not material. "Now I am in your debt," - says one person to another, thereby creating a powerful anchor. Debts must be given, but then we forget that the other person voluntarily done for us a good deed, and in this case it is enough of gratitude.
The need to have another person, relationship, passion, jealousy, etc. Man again and again thinking about the subject of his desire, dreaming about it, eager to get it. Man becomes like a child who does not give a favorite toy. It requires nothing around it and no longer sees. Not to be confused with love. Love does not infringe the right to freedom of another.
Nevzaimnaya love. It is so subtle material durable structure that can greatly damage human health, squeezing all the juice out of it. This state is exhausting and the one who loves and the one who loves. This is a strong vampire binding. In addition, a new love can not appear in person, unless all his energy goes to that to which he feels unrequited love.
Most strong parental binding. Often parents (especially mothers) tend to fully control your child, strangling its development to its attention and care. About love to say here is not necessary, it is dependence and desire to subjugate another person. The consequences can be very unpleasant. Child or find the strength to break the binding, which is fraught with complete cessation of communication with parents, or remain incomplete person. For example, if the mother of a teenager does not accept his son as an independent person and not let him, her energy dense blocks its main chakras, leading to major setbacks in his personal life of men. Women need to pay attention to the relationship with his father. Although, in fairness I must say that the binding between daughter and father are both much less than that between mother and son.
Hiding and ousting their true feelings to the other person. You should always listen to your heart, casting aside the stereotypes and bigotry. Sometimes people are feeling love for another, its hide, afraid to seem stupid, ridiculous, or rejection, or simply because "so is not accepted," or "I'm not like." Love is necessary to throw, to give, to tell another person what he is good, as you appreciate it.
Important! Bindings sometimes very tenacious. And if negative emotions are strong, then the binding saved several incarnations in a row. People again and again attract each other in each new incarnation, is not free of their bindings. Almost all the karmic ties are based on the bindings.

There is a practice of liberation from unnecessary bindings. In the esoteric they are usually hack, annealed, destroy. But thus to get rid of binding, need psychic abilities.

What about those who can not see the anchor in the higher plane, but I suspect their presence at home and wants to get rid of them? To remove a binding, you must understand what emotions you create it, and nourish. You need to remove your negative, to accept the other person as he is, forgive and let go with love. Then you can remove the binding.

If you find it difficult to do so, consider whether you want to end this life, and then the next one thousand years, have negative feelings toward that person? You'll meet him in life until you decide this issue again and again experiencing frustration.

Removing the binding does not involve the removal of the energy connection. Freed from the bindings, we do not cease to love each other! We will have the freedom and the freedom we give to others, recognizing their right to self-determination. This is unconditional love.

You can love all that we love, and to be free from the binding to this ...


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