Bon Voyage

In a Soviet air bases was a hangar, which had a dent in the roof. On the inner side. And not one, but like a lot of time digging.
And the question of checking that kind of garbage, he was told where these dents.
But the point is that's the - the hangar are the planes of their service including conscripts. You know, the great climb, while no one sees, in the cockpit and imagine yourself valiant fighter, destroying American "Phantoms", or desperate attack aircraft, burning enemy tanks.
Well, as you can to complete the entourage and all toggle flip buttons ponazhimat - the point is simple enough, as an experienced pilot rugnetsya, of course, but for the second reset all settings to the desired position.
And everything seems to be harmless, like the aircraft is de-energized, like these pereschelkivaniya not react any system.
It seems to be. Because there is in the plane system that always works.
Bon voyage. To-ceiling windows.


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