Each loving mother can help your child cope with any, even the most severe disease. Mother to baby sick - a medicine stronger pills, powders and potions. So a well-known child psychiatrist, professor Boris Z. Drapkin

Phrases that have to be uttered - not random. Every word - thought out and checked, you can not change them. The base of the suggestion consisting of 4 blocks, useful to any child, even the most healthy and happy :)

Mother's voice becomes like the inner voice of the child. If mom always angry, irritated, insists that the baby is not like she wanted to, growing little man given program failures and disease. Conversely, if the voice is constantly endorse, support, installation gives happiness, health, psycho-emotional processes all bounce back.

1st block - Vitamin maternal love
With these words, Mom pours out his love for the child:
I love you so much. You are the most precious and dear, I have. You're a piece of my own, my own krovinushka. Without you I can not live. Me and Dad love you very much ».

2ND UNIT - installation on physical health
For mild ailments this one "mother-therapy" can heal without medication:
"You are strong, healthy, beautiful baby boy (girl). You eat well and so quickly grow up and develop. You have a strong, healthy heart, breast, tummy. You gracefully move. You're a seasoned, rare and little sick ».

Unit 3 - installation on psychological health, normal mental development
"You calm boy (girl). You've got a good strong nerves. You're a patient, you're kind, you're sociable. You're smart. You have well developed head. You are all well understood and remembered. You are always in a good mood, and you love to smile. You sleep well. You easily and quickly fall asleep, you see only the good kind dreams. You're well rested when you sleep. You're good, and it is developing rapidly ».

4th Block - represents the folk wisdom
Since ancient times, my mother took sick child, cuddle, and its internal force cleared him of the disease:
"Give me your illness!»
"I take and throw your illness and your difficulties. (Next mother calls the specific problems of the child.)
I take and throw your poor sleep (if the child does not sleep).
I take and throw out your bad dreams.
I take and throw out your crying.
I take and throw your dislike for food.
(And the final phrase ...) I love you very, very much I love ».

If a child is seriously ill, for its treatment of the physician should develop a special program and four base units added to individual treatment.

Say these words to your sweet sleeping kids - and they will grow up healthy, smart and happy.

It is best to deal with the new methodology, when the baby sleeps. He remembers well that night, my mother said.
So, after 20 - 30 minutes after the baby fell asleep, take to his bed with the text in hand and read each sentence three times: first thoughts for yourself, then mentally - to a child, then aloud.
Do this every day: a month or two - it depends on the child's condition. No fever, no other symptoms of the disease are not contraindications.
But if the mother herself is not forme- sick, I wound up - better to cancel the session.

EXAMPLE basic program
I love you very much. You are the most precious and dear, I have. You are strong, healthy, beautiful. You eat well and develop well. You have a healthy heart, breast, tummy. You gracefully move. You do not have a cold. You are strong, healthy nerves. You have well developed intellect. You are always in a good mood, you often smile. You easily and quickly fall asleep, you see only the good dreams. You're perfectly resting in a dream. I love you very, very much I love! »

Since the treatment, it would be good, according to Boris Zinov'evich, find yourself a special notebook, where to make two columns. Right describe all manifestations of the disease your child, and in the left column regularly record all good. For example, there is a better, more smiles, made new friends ...

That's all :)

It seems to be nothing new. But the advantage is obvious. Many therapists believe that the problems of adults (for example, a tendency to depression, neuroses) "grow" from childhood and explained the shortfall in that time, attention and love. Mothers are advised to as much as possible to keep the child in her arms, gently touch him as long as possible to breastfeed. Then the kid (and then - adult) will feel secure.


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