IBM Watson is now preparing for all

If you want to try new, unusual, unique dish, you should pay attention to the Chef Watson. It - one of the avatars supercomputer IBM Watson, who knows how to cook delicious meals according to recipes, drawn up independently.

In principle, it cooks in Geektimes and Habré already written much is known. But now, the service became available to all - its web version now open . Who is sufficient to indicate the main component of the dish, the type of food and the region, under which you want to "tune" their meal (well, for example, a salad "Olivier" - typical of the CIS, noodles with chicken - is typical for China, etc.), and the computer will try to pick up the ingredients so that you get the dish, but with a "zest».

In addition, the system assesses each recipe (generally every 12-24 ingredients) for the possible attractiveness of smell and taste, and by its unusual for some other parameters. Later, according to the project team, Watson can be recipes with steps of preparation. Most recently, Chef has offered its own recipe of kebabs. Service picked ingredients such as pork, chicken, strawberries, shiitake mushrooms, pineapple, apples, green onions, carrots, lemon, lime, mint and curry. According to the tasters (professional chefs) happened quite tasty.

By the way, over the application works and representatives of the team of the magazine Bon Appetit. Service tested eleven months, during which time it was cooked many different dishes, highly appreciated by those who have tried these dishes.

I wonder what the recipe Chef Watson can make barbecue? Must try.



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