Artist prints and sells Wikipedia for $ 80 that

In New York opened the exposition From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! , on which the artist Michael Mandiberg prints Wikipedia. The purpose of the project - not to submit a complete copy of the online encyclopedia, and draw attention to its size and the inability to turn it into a material object fixed form. Mandiberg developed the software that the text of the encyclopedia typesets into the desired shape, and the result of selling on self-publishing platform .

Automatic twitter account project publishes information about the process of creating volumes Wikipedia. A printed copy may be ordered from . Download all volumes will take about two weeks. 106 volumes of prints the artist in the gallery. Each volume will cost $ 80, and the entire collection of 7600 books will cost half a million dollars. In the gallery we placed a banner on which displays the first volume in 1980 Wikipedia.

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 The last time Wikipedia tried to print in February 2012. at that time, the online encyclopedia articles were 3887569, equivalent to 1638 volumes Britannica. Student unsealed 0, 01% of this amount and the book was half a meter tall hardcover. Five thousand page book contains more than four hundred articles of Wikipedia.

The Russian-language section of Wikipedia, you can print without images in the 821 Volume format the Great Soviet Encyclopedia. It is 1229925 articles medium-sized 541 words.



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