Morality can be corrected in a dream (tuned audio)

US team of researchers decided to test in practice, it is possible to translate into reality the principles of the hypnopaedia from the novel "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley. These principles suggest training people in their sleep. The state thus unifies the behavior of citizens, creating an ideal society associates.

State policy in Huxley is also accompanied by the issuance of a drug of happiness and artificial reproduction (which is beyond the scope of this study)

However, scientists from Northwestern University in Evanston, University of Texas at Austin and Princeton University conducted a successful experiment to change social prejudice citizens through hypnopaedia. Results published journal Science.

The deep night's sleep - one of the best ways to secure long-term memory in the knowledge gained during the day. This didactic principles and used US psychologists.

In short, the essence of the experiment lies in the fact that the tests take place during the day where you have to answer questions on a particular social issue. In this case, the tests were against sexism (the thesis that "women are more prone to art than to science") and racism ("negros are more prone to antisocial behavior"). Each participant showed photos: 1) women, accompanied by the signatures on the subject of art / science; 2) blacks, accompanied by the signatures of the positive / negative theme.

Checking were 40 students (20 men and women). We had just time to press the button on the right photo. In this case echoed a specific sound signal corresponding to the correct answer.

In the second phase should once heard this signal - combine photos of women and blacks with the correct term.

Following this simple training available to teachers, even kindergartens in subjects significantly reduced the level of prejudice.

But the interesting thing happened later when the third stage of the experiment conducted. She assumed that the inclusion of the "magic" of the signal during deep sleep phase to the participants of the experiment. By the sound they were doing all the right things in the past.

At the sound of the signal effect of training significantly increased! For example, the level of sexism decreased approximately three times (at the end of each phase of training).

Naturally, the scientists checked the absence of alternative explanations. These included reproduction other sounds: they did not give any effect. Assimilation of knowledge amplifies only the sound by which knowledge was obtained.

What is more important, knowledge is better kept in long-term memory of those who were subjected to audiovozdeystviyu night. A week later, a second test was conducted, and it is these people showed the best result.

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