The events of the trilogy "Back to the Future" could not happen

Dr. Emmett Brown had to be shot to death for theft of plutonium by terrorists. Marty McFly never should have kissed her mother in 1955. His father would never have become a successful person, Marty could not find his future. He dock would never have visited the Wild West. All the events in the movie "Back to the Future," is impossible. Ask why? Because there is no time machine? Nonsense! Everything is much more prosaic.

DeLorean would never have been able to accelerate to 88 miles per hour on the very parking.

In any case, the author claims одной of blog entries «Opposite Lock», which took the time to do some calculations that, apparently, no one ever did before him. It is primarily found on the map the location of the very park in California, which shoot scenes from the movie. Then, using data DeLoriane and information about the routes of dispersal of the machine from the movie (the first when docking sends a moment in the future of the dog, and the second when Marty pursue terrorists), he measured the distance to the google-map. After calculations, he concluded that, even taking the preliminary acceleration, the size is not enough parking for Marty McFly reached cherished speed of 88 miles per hour, in which the DeLorean jumps in time. Instead, he ran would stand at the end of the parking at the speed of about 70 miles per hour, and behind him and caricatured the terrorists who tried to catch him.

But his theory has a number of opponents. The main claims are that to justify their theory, the researchers used a number of assumptions. For example, what Doc Brown did not make any modifications to the engine DeLorean, which is very doubtful. Doc spent so much time and effort to build a time machine and could not improve, or at least, do not optimize the base part? Well, of course, the author has made the main sin of all the fans - was the real laws of physics apply to the Hollywood creations. As it usually happens in the network, people start to procrastinate minor problems and details, trying to prove a point, instead of trying to make this world a better place.

Via The Verge.



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