What happens to a person during the "OBE travel"

Using a special scanner, brain researchers have traced what happens to a man, "leaving his body." "out of body" or "astral" experience is usually called floating feeling is his own body. The most common of these experiences tell people with sensory impairment, survivors of brain injury and other clinical conditions and, in rare cases, people who were on the verge of smerti.Chtoby understand what is really going on with the person during the "travel out of the physical body ", the experts used the MRI scanner. Thus they were able to observe which areas of the brain are active during extracorporeal perezhivaniy.Odin volunteer who expressed a desire to participate in the study, I went inside the scanner with a special display, worn on the head. This screen broadcast images of the body of the second volunteer, who was in another part of the same room.

To arouse the participants in the experiment desired sensations, researchers at the same time touched a wooden rod to the same parts of their bodies. Thus they were able to achieve at the origin of the volunteer (that lay with the display) the illusion that his body is somewhere else. "This is a very strange feeling - explains neuroscientist Arvid Guterstam. - Just a few touches - and you do suddenly have a feeling that your body is alone in another part of the room "The results of the experiment showed that for determining the location of the body responsible hippocampus, while the other part of the brain (cortex posterior cingulate ) associates itself with a sense of ownership of their own feelings telom.Spetsialisty hope that studying the experience of "out of body experiences," they will be able to better understand the processes occurring in the brain of patients with epilepsy.


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