Country house from an old railway carriage

When it comes to inexpensive and compact construction for a suburban area, this "salvation" are living trailers in various versions. So one avid enthusiast, saw a dilapidated old w / wagons, "fired up" to make it a comfortable and functional home.

Australian Matthew de Boer (Matthew de Boer) sculptor by profession. But one day, while in the territory of suburban land his friend, he saw an old railway carriage in 1969. Matthew decided to make it a comfortable and functional home.

The car was in poor condition when Matthew went to work. The roof partially collapsed due to a fallen tree on it. Master rightly thought that it is easier to remove and replace than to repair. Therefore, oak curved crossbar he put the wooden planks and covered them with sheets of corrugated iron.

According to the author, because of the lack of experience in the construction business, most of the time he has taken away the manufacture and installation of doors and windows (to arrive inside as much as possible to sunlight, Matthew added 8 small windows). On the complete transformation of an old car in a comfortable house took 6 months.

After completion of repairs Matthew yes Boer lived in the updated car only a few days, because a week later he was already rented. Night in a cozy carriage-house costs in the amount of wishing a little less than 200 $.


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