Medical instruments of the past

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The tobacco enema (1750-1810)
Used to introduce smoke into the rectum - primarily for resuscitation drowned.
It was believed that the hot tobacco smoke cause unconscious to breathe.

Artificial Leech (1840) used in the treatment of diseases of the ears and eyes.

Double Guillotine (1860) to remove the tonsils

screw "gag" (1880-1910) that the patient does not shut his mouth

saw for sawing the skull (1830-60)

reverse & quot; Scissors (1500), the tip was inserted into the wound and then wound extended for the convenience of the surgeon

Saw amputation (1600) doctors tried richly decorate their instruments refined form certain medical instrument hindrance. details of the pattern is a good environment for bacteria

knife for cutting (1770)

Hand craniotomy (1800)

Instruments for surgery hemorrhoids and uterus (1870) "chain" was cut gemmoroidalny node

struggle with a hernia (1850) was introduced into the body near the affected area and leave for a week so that the resulting scar hernia closed

"Compass" for the exact location of the bullet in the body (1915)

tool to extract the bullet (1500)

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