From the airport in Mallorca before the House of Rock in Los Angeles, where applicable software for smart homes iRidium

iRidium mobile - Russian developer of software for smart homes from Nizhny Tagil. Software produced by the company, claimed by project developers smart homes, helping to solve problems of thousands of integrators worldwide. So, thinking about what should be the first blog post on the company Geektimes, we decided that the best way to tell her about the company projects. Therefore, in this post we will present the most interesting projects that use the software iRidium mobile.

Штаб-квартира Rabobank in the Netherlands h5> Rabobank - one of the largest international financial institutions, originally from Holland.

Before local integrator was a major problem 4 full integration systems, lighting control and building jobs of 180 employees, screens and blinds, heating control systems and mutimediynymi: KNX, Helvar, Modbus and Crestron. This was done through software iRidium mobile with Full Site license that allows you to manage all protocols. All of this functionality is controlled with several Touch PC. Thus, different people on different floors can manage the entire installation. Also on the Touch PC displays the notification of emergencies MIVA toilets for the disabled.

The difficulty was to create a bridge between KNX and Helvar. Usually used for this purpose a special device. But in this project, the bridge was placed on iRidium Script. Helvar entire installation can be controlled with KNX Touchscreens (Zennio Z38i), located in meeting rooms and using switches KNX, located in the corridors.

Integrator: Nabuurs

Mobile Living h5> Normal room, which with the help of automation can change its purpose - living room, dining room, office, etc. Project designers have developed five scenarios: "Cinema", "Disco", "Work", "Feast," "Mix" - for which you want to hide unnecessary elements for the chosen scenario. To do this, they used:

  • 16 control panel curtains from ceiling to floor. Curtains are fixed on 4 ledges and move only horizontally;
  • Control LED lights on the ceiling: on / off, brightness, color change;
  • control the projector, media player, speaker system. < / of this is controlled from the tablet Acer Iconia Tab A501 and two built-in panels.

    More photos of the room

    Integrator: Favourite Domotika

    House of Rock h5>

    Each Rolling Stone magazine builds or repairs a building in different parts of the United States, after which they received the name House of Rock («House of Rock"). Interior design has always done the best designers of the country. During the year, the house held a promotional event live and famous artists. Outside the building is a scene inside - recording studio.

    In light control, air conditioning, sound, and swimming pool in лос-анджелесском "House of Rock» also used solutions iRidium.

    Integrator: DomVision

    Apartments in "Burj Khalifa» h5>

    Burj Khalifa - the project to iRidium, apartments in Dubai, UAE
    Choosing iRidium, integrators Bond Communications Group studied and other applications available on the market. Opting for iRidium was made because the decision is easier to set up, more stable, and offers a more flexible functional (eg, support for private protocol ICSP, which was implemented specifically at the request of the integrator.

    Integrator: Bond Communications Group

    Tank farm h5> Decisions "Iridium" applied and industrial facilities. One of them - the oil storage. IRidium software used as a mobile SCADA systems for accounting products in tank farms Tank Gauging for monitoring the level of oil in the tanks, mass, temperature and density of the product. These data are displayed on the screen of a mobile device by means of communication with the controller software iRidium TankVision protocol Modbus TCP.

    Accounting in tank farms - is not the only possible application iRidium in such projects. In general, his features allow to get information and control (if such a function) of any field devices such as pressure, temperature, flow rate, as well as valves, pumps, etc.

    Although mobile devices are still not widespread enough for industrial applications, such decisions can already be used for condition monitoring of important process parameters and alerts about critical events, and to demonstrate the accounting system or the individual measuring devices in tank farms.

    Integrator: Endress + Hauser

    Control Center at the airport Son Sant Joan h5> Similar software iRidium solves the problem in a Spanish airport Son San Juan on the island of Mallorca. IRidium solution allowed to provide remote access to a single management system with "aypadov" superiors (to control the busy schedule, priority missions, etc.).

    More photos

    Integrator: company Gehab .

    Other projects - with photos and descriptions - you can see online iRidium Mobile .



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